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Best Sites Like Putlocker – Top Putlocker Alternatives Websites for 2024

Looking for top Best Putlocker Alternatives websites? In this article, we are exploring the best sites like Putlocker.

Anyone who loves to watch streaming media – movies, live sporting actions, Television series, web series, etc., will instantly understand the essence of Putlocker alternatives. Putlocker is an online index website that started in the UK a decade back to stream entertainment content.

However, sadly in 2016, the site had to be shut down after an order by the UK High Court. All of this was after Putlocker was ranked as one of the top 250 most frequently visited websites globally.

At its peak, the site captured as many as 1.6 million visitors daily. However, due to piracy issues, the site faced long-drawn legal and copyright issues before being rested. Even though the owners of Putlocker have tried changing the domain name, nothing has worked. In this write-up today, we will explore several alternatives to Putlokcker that are being accessed increasingly by people from all across the world.

All the sites mentioned here are compatible and accessible from all kinds of smart devices, making it even more convenient for users to search for their favorite movies, shows, and other entertainment content online.

Before we start on this journey, it is vital to mention that users need to be responsible and mindful when choosing a site for streaming entertainment content. Many such sites are indulging in dubious activities. Though dedicated app developers always strive to make the apps secured, it is advisable to use appropriate software to track and stop cyberattacks. The sites mentioned here are all tested and tried and offer seamless streaming and are also known for offering safe, reliable, and functional aspects.

The following sites have also been assessed on other factors like the content featured; registration required or not, advertisement breaks, user interference, and monthly visitors.

The streaming sites mentioned here are great for assessing free movies and entertainment content but ensure that you take all safety precautions to not fall prey to any spam or hack.


There are many reasons it is featured high on our list of Putlocker alternatives because it is quite simple to use. There are no hardcore gimmicks here; as a result, you can start streaming almost instantly.

The interface is quite interestingly navigational and user-friendly, and therefore, the site enjoys massive popularity and an incredible customer base. There are featured movies, free latest movies, and free latest TV-series.

All the movies and the TV-shows are accessible for free, and users are not required to register to start using the services. Choose your favorite genre of movies and series, ranging from horror to comedy, thriller to sci-fi, drama to the musical, and more.

Also, choose from about 80 different countries and watch movies and series in your favorite language and geographical preference. A notable attribute of this alternative is that there are subtitles, so even if you do not understand a language, no worries – you can still use the platform to watch your top pick movies. The site works flawlessly on your smartphone and PC. 

It is another leading and trusted streaming website that features genre-wise, year-wise, and country-wise movies and TV series. The top advantages of using this website are – free to use, and no sign-up required.

It is an apt alternative to Putlocker and other leading streaming sites. You can sit back and watch HD content from your smart devices. There are other distinct categories like Recently Added movies and more. The movies are updated daily; so, you are always updated and on the top.

123 Movies 

Considered to be one of the wisest bets, 123 Movies have grown steadily in the last few years. Today, it is a known brand and has grown in stature to match Putlocker’s in a very short period.

It is a legitimate site and has some reliable and safety features that make it a top contender as a dependable alternative to Putlocker. Besides safety, the site itself has been designed in a very impressive manner offering end-users multiple choices and search facilities.

With a huge database of recent movies, the site is not known for being a cool and easy-to-use site; it also has a very up-to-date index of movies and TV shows. There are multiple sections, all of them categorized well and distinctly offering easy assistance to users.

You can search using recently added categories, year of release, most frequently watched, and more. Be prepared to search for shows and movies country-wise. Besides this, the platform uses smart and intuitive features to enable faster services. For example, the site offers recommendations based on your recent history. It serves as an excellent option for Putlocker!


An ideal platform to stream free HD movies online can also use the site to download entertainment content endlessly. The index is huge and is up to date with daily updates. So, if you are looking to catch the recent and the latest movie release for free, put on your boots to watch from one of the biggest online collections of films, all from the comfort of your home.

There is no doubt that the platform is one of the most trusted platforms online because all the movies are in original prints. You can pick from your choicest movie genre to ensure that you spend your indoor time qualitatively well.

The online site brings the fastest video streaming services, with HD quality content. And, all of this free, conveniently timed as per your convenience.

One thing that you will notice about PopcornFlix is that it does not stream TV shows or series. You can use the channel to watch free movies at ease, including classical movies. Another noteworthy feature is that the platform offers easy navigation, especially when you are unsure what or which movie you wish to watch. The movies can be streamed fast and smoothly on all kinds of devices, including phones and desktops.


One of the most rapidly growing online streaming platforms is SolarMovie. To use this online site, you do not need to register as it is a free site. It is not just movies that get released streamed online; the platform offers the latest TV shows and series.

The site is not as popular, but it has superior technical features that make searches easy and fast. The movies and shows are segregated in a well-organized manner while the site itself has an easy flowing design and clutter-free structure.

The search feature comes with filters that enable fast searches – you can come up with the latest updated movies and shows, look into entertainment content that is being watched the most, and even access movie rankings as per IMDb ratings.

If you are in for receiving notifications and put in a request to get alerts of contents as per your preference, then SolarMovie is the streaming platform for you. However, for this, you need to register with the site. Also, as an add-on, you can save your favorite content so that you can access them later, at your convenience.

One con of the online streaming site is that it’s database of movies and shows is not huge.

Los Movies 

Another trending online streaming alternative to Putlocker is the platform called Los Movies. One of the biggest advantages of the site is that it features rich international content. With the provision of subtitles, the work becomes easy for foreign nationals to watch international movies and TV shows.

You can search for movies as per the release date, rating, date of updation, and so on. On the homepage, check out the latest movies that have been added and those trending on the top. There is also a functional search bar to assist with seamless searches.

One of the platform’s downsides is you would encounter several pop-ups that can be distracting and frustrating.

Go Movies

What is interesting about Go Movies is that it has a standard homepage, which is set by default, there are other homepage layouts to choose from. The default page is quite clear and concise and allows easy movement, searches, and navigation. It is also quite easy to switch to the layout of the old website of Go Movies if you are comfortable using the previous layout.

The new site makes it convenient to search and sort movies according to categories like the most frequently viewed, IMDb rating, and the trending movies. The site comes with a night mode which, when switched on, takes the user to a darker background and design layout – to give a look and feel of the night.

AZ Movies

The plus point of using AZ Movies and its claim to be one of the top contenders as an alternative to Putlocker is that it offers multiple mirror links for every content. So, if one link is not working or is dead, you will always find another one that works fabulously.

The other notable points are that the site is pretty fast, which means that HD and high-res movies load faster. It is almost like watching a movie in the theatre with no buffer delays. Plus, as the name suggests, there is a huge stock of movies on the streaming site. To watch TV shows and series, you would have to visit its partner site NOXX.

One big con of AZ Movies is that the homepage is quite mixed up with too many things – so it can be a bit perplexing for a first-time user. Navigation is an issue, to a certain extent, initially due to the cluttered layout of the homepage. Also, be prepared to face a few obstacles as you visit the site, for there could be some ads showing up, here and there, as pop-ups.

Yes! Movies

It is another upcoming alternative to Putlocker as a streaming site for movies and TV shows online. It is completely free, and you are not required to register to access the services.

While you would notice that the platform does not contain an exhaustive list of movies and shows, especially when you compare with the sites mentioned above, Yes! Movies still have a few solid indexes of documentaries. If you love to bing on facts and figures, use this platform to access classical and contemporary documentaries.

Plus, the platform has an impressive design and navigational aspects with a streamlined search bar on the homepage.


If you love to catch the first show, add Fmovies to your favorites on the browser. The platform offers excitingly fresh content and hence is a great choice. The homepage design and the overall look and feel are simple and basic.

Hence, there is no rocket science to navigate through the different categories of movies and shows. The search bar is also thoroughly streamlined, enabling quicker and smarter searches.

Plus, there are additional tabs for search by country, genre, etc. You could face a few promotional contents in the form of ads on the site, but that is manageable.


A free streaming site for movies and TV shows, MoviesJoy is a good choice as the site is very promptly updated with recent releases and hit movies. There are ads on the site, but substantially less than many other sites. The platform has a capable search bar to facilitate easy searches from amongst the categories.

The platform does not feature too many movies in the international category, which could discourage viewers who are looking at experiencing all kinds of movies. Most of the movies here are from Hollywood or other parts of America.

The site has been designed attractively, and that is its biggest plus point. You can access it easily from your mobile as well as desktop.


These are our top picks as Putlocker alternatives in 2024. Keep streaming movies and TV series online as you stay indoors to stay safe!

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