Einthusan Alternatives: 7 Sites for Streaming Free Movies & TV Shows

If you take a look at the online entertainment industry Einthusan has accomplished quite a lot. Here are list of best Einthusan Alternatives websites.

Modern era is strictly weaved around media and video streaming leads the market. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that streaming has become the life and soul of the modern society. The biggest reason for that is entertainment. Modern times have become super busy and it is hard for people to go out and enjoy in cinemas or theater due to tough routine. That’s where online streaming industry comes in and thank to that now you are not bound to such limitations. You don’t need to move an inch to watch your favorite clips. You can always hire someone for home theatre install in Cedar Park TX to maximize fun.

If you take a look at the online entertainment industry Einthusan has accomplished quite a lot. It is an online streaming medium that offers a variety of Indian movies in different local languages. Indian movie industry is one of the biggest industries that earns billions of dollars every year. That’s why streaming applications such as Einthusan have bright future up ahead. Below you can find a good list of potential streaming applications that would make a fine alternative for Einthusan.


Having a home theatre and a good home theatre repair service at your disposal is truly a blessing. However, online entertainment has way wider scope as compared to other mediums. One of the brightest examples of such entertainment application is Hotstar. It is another online entertainment application where you can enjoy a variety of Indian movies, TV serials and a lot of stuff. Since there are a lot of languages are spoken in India and you can find plenty of entertaining material to satisfy your needs. The only thing that users might find troubling is that it works on monthly subscription.

Hotstar will charge you a monthly fee to offer its services. Once you’ve paid the monthly subscription, then you’d have access to all of their material. There are different packages that you can pick from to minimize the expense and maximize fun. Premium users can also ask for technical support if required. So, whether you want to dig in their collection or not depends on the money you are willing to spend for entertainment.


This entertainment application offers its unique services for free to most of its users. It has plenty of material for anything that you may imagine. It is owned by Google and YouTube is the trendiest entertainment medium that gave direction to the streaming world. It is one of the pioneers and holds the biggest market share. It offers its services for free but there still a slice for premium users where user can enjoy ad free entertainment and exclusive videos from various channels. YouTube doesn’t have an entertainment type because people across globe share all types of videos. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons behind its success.

YouTube is basically a business that earns from ads. The best thing about it is that it gives an equal opportunity to users to make money by sharing its revenue. So, if you are willing to do some effort you can start making money from the same time that you spend watching videos. You can also hire an expert for further assistance.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is just like other paid entertainment streaming application that offers a huge collection of new and old movies and serials. There’s no limit to the genre and language that you can pick from. It a Property of Amazon where you can buy a monthly subscription and enjoy streaming to the fullest. The movies can be found in a variety of compatible formats in high definition and DVD to double up the fun. There’s no doubt it is a wonderful service that you can avail instantly. In case you are unsure whether you should go along with Amazon Prime or not, then you can start with the trial period.

The advantage of the trial period is that you can enjoy everything except a few premium features for free. It would last for a month and you’d have a plenty of time to explore. Once you are satisfied, it would help you make decision with clarity. If you feel something is missing, then continue with the list to explore more.


It is another popular American web streaming service that gives you exclusive access to the huge database of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. However, Netflix comes with a subscription and you can buy a monthly or yearly depending on your requirements and budget. Once subscribed you can take advantage any TV series or use latest or old movie collection to light up your evenings. A home theatre would be an excellent selection to enjoy high definition collection of Netflix. If you feel that the price is too high, you can use Coupons Curry for free coupons.

It is a wonderful platform that is user friendly and users from any age group can use it without discrimination. In cases you face difficulties or technical issues while registering, you’d be happy to know that they have pretty fast technical support that can sort out majority of the issues quickly. Netflix has made its special place among many subscription services because some very popular TV series. So, pick this one or keep exploring more.


It is probably the best Einthusan substitute that works in the exactly same manner. You can find a large collection of Indian movies and can request for movies that you prefer. It offers you the possibility to organize and browse through movies based on actors, genre, and title. They offer a high-quality audio and video quality to attract users. The biggest advantage this streaming service offers is that it is all for free. You can enjoy as many movies as you want and don’t pay a dime. If you find a few movies missing from their collection, then it is a fair trade-off considering it isfree.

Yuppflix is not doubt an excellent replacement considering that Einthusan troubles you with excessive ads reducing the user ratings as a result. The portal is overall user friendly and easily operable by the majority. The best way to pick one streaming service is to try a few before picking one for the rest of your life.

Hungama Movies

It is probably one of the oldest streaming websites that offers a variety of streaming for free. You can enjoy your favorite, Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujrati, and even more languages with a few clicks. There’s no registration or subscription for the services. All you need is to just browse the website and pick the best match for maximum fun. The movies can be sorted based on genre, country, etc. In case, you are stuck somewhere and unable to identify the problem, you can contact their customer support for rapid action.

The website is easy to use and you might run into a few ads before you can reach the fun part. If you are unsure which streaming service to choose from, then a professional can be asked to make a fair comparison of offered feature by various streaming service. The best way to pick a service is to be patient and list to people that have already experienced more than one service. Still, there’s always option to switch, so don’t worry about a poor selection as well.


Who can forget about Dailymotion the true rival of YouTube. It is another excellent online streaming website that offers its services just like YouTube. You can find all sort of videos, clips, movies and TV series from every part of the planet. Although, Dailymotion is one of the most solid streaming websites, still it didn’t become as much popular as its competition. However, it also offers the opportunity to earn money through ads. Which makes it another groomed streaming engine with excellent potential to make decent earning. In case, you find yourself in a pinch to decide, then trying a few top-rated streaming services isn’t a bad option.

Because some of the premium streaming websites offer their services on trial as well. Just make a random pick and explore their collection. Going along with top-rated services or focusing on customer reviews is another way to look at it. It might take you a while before you can stick with one streaming service.

The world has changed a lot in last two decades. The old phones are replaced by smartphones. Similarly, conventional TV is now replaced by streaming services. Streaming services provide excellent opportunity to explore huge collection movies and TV series and much more. In short, it offers immense entertainment and custom services. With streaming you are not bound to time and can browse through huge databases anytime you wish. It is highly recommended to consider pros and cons of every streaming services and make the selection based on your local trends and moods. If you are unsure about your choices, then you can always ask an experienced person for expert opinion and reviews.

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