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10+ Best YIFY Torrents Mirror and YTS Alternatives Websites

YIFY Torrent and YTS Not Working? Here are Alternatives Websites of YIFY and YTS Torrent

The one-stop solution for people downloading media content without incurring cost is YIFY Torrents. With millions of enthusiasts for the website, it not only helped people with an array of movies one can download, it also has

  • Games
  • Music
  • Software Applications

And much more that can be streamed and downloaded to your device. One of the prime reasons for people choosing YIFY Torrents is, it certainly does not have infected files. The best online alternative for purchasing the original copy of the digital content is YIFY Torrents.

The only difference is that the original copy might cost you the product’s price while Torrents do not. The news for the Torrent followers and fans is, YIFY Torrents, like other Torrent Sites, is shut down. That means to say, no free index of entertainment media and software? Of course, Yes. The original domain of the Torrent sites is blocked in a few countries.

India and the US are also among the nine countries that consider YIFY Torrents illegal. You may receive warning messages from the authorities if found downloading from this website. The following countries have banned the usage of the website.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Italy
  3. Russia
  4. France
  5. Spain
  6. Pakistan and
  7. Turkey
  8. India and
  9. United States of America

It is shocking news to the digital world and people who rely on downloading original content from Torrent. Millions of users were accessing the vast amount of content and cannot access it now. And the ISPs do not offer access to these sites is a disaster. The 13-year long string of free downloads of High-quality movies and other media are not available now.

So, is it all over? 

What can I do now? 

Are there any mirror or proxy sites available online to invoke the content available in YTS?

Best Alternatives for YIFY Torrent Sites

The good news for Torrent lovers is, there are many ways to access the content. As such, few techniques will pave you to access the original content of YTS as well. The Website Development Services across the world have offered the tech geeks with incredible support in this regard. This article throws light on different methods to access Torrent contents online. Every method is explained in detail, and you can choose the one that suits your preference.

There are two ways to gain access to the original Torrent content online.

  1. Proxy Mirror Websites
  2. VPN based access to Torrent content

If you are looking for any other option, yes, there is a third method too. The third method is to opt for an alternative website that offers similar services. We want to tell the readers that multiple clone sites came into existence when the Extra Torrent was shut down. None of them stood level with the Torrent’s quality and content. Those were soon shut down too. Mainly because of the dip in popularity and did not even match with Torrents’ versatility. The Torrent Proxy websites are numerous over the web and considered to be the easier way to access the original Torrent content.

Both the above-mentioned methods are similar in their intent but differ in technical aspects.

YIFY Torrent Proxy Mirror Websites

In plain words, it is the substitute for the Original Content of Torrent. The Proxy Mirror websites act as a middleman or an intermediary between you and the original content available at YTS. Let us learn the technical aspect of it. Or in other words, how does it work?

You ideally have link/ links to access these proxy mirror websites. We are sure that your country has blocked the original domain of the Torrent website. These proxy sites shall pass the blockage by connecting your internet request through another server and help you access the content available in the actual Torrent sites.

If you understand this from a different angle, your computer is connected to an ISP in a country. The destination site is Torrent. Proxy websites connect your computer through your ISP to the destination website through a different server which might not pass any information to your ISP. That means to say your computer, you, and access to files is completely protected.

In more simple words, Proxy mirror websites are like bridges that help you reach the destination. In this process, your actual IP address is masked so that the ISP does not block the IP while looking for the website. You can gain access to the files even if the site is blocked in your region.

The list of YIFY Torrents Proxy Mirror Websites is given below

S.No. Proxy Site’s URL Status as You Read
1. Working
2. Working
3. Working
4. Working
5. Working
6. Working
7. Working
8. Working
9. Working
10. Working
11. Working
12. Working
13. Working
14. Working
15. Working
16. Working
17. Working
18. Working

The list of YTS Alternatives Websites is given below

S.No. Proxy Site’s URL Status as You Read
1. Working
2. Working
3. Working
4. Working
5. Working
6. Working
7. Working
8. Working
9. Working
10. Working
11. Working
12. Working
13. Working
14. Working

How to Use YIFY Alternatives Websites to Access Torrent Content?

The list of websites given above gives you access to the Torrent Sites. There are 32 links in total and if one does not work, make use of the other. Let us now understand how to use these links.

To use the step-by-step process, you must know what a ‘Magnet Link’ is.

Magnet Link is a Magnet URI scheme. It helps to locate a file using the Hash value and not by its location.

Step 1: Launch the browser on your computer

Step 2: Type in any URL given above and press enter

The link shall take you to the respective site

Step 3: Locate the Search Bar or Search Box on the website

Step 4: Take the Cursor to the search box and type the required content from various categories mentioned below

  1. Movies/ Web Series
  2. TV Shows/ Anime Series
  3. Books
  4. Software
  5. Sports and Music

Step 5: The content shall show up in the form of a magnet link, choose the favorite content, and get the link

Step 6: Click on the magnet link to download the file

A dialogue box opens and seeks your permission as ‘Open BitTorrent’ or ‘Cancel.’

Step 7: Click on ‘Open BitTorrent’

As you do this, the website will redirect you to the actual Torrent site

Step 8: In the redirected site, click on ‘OK’ to download the favorite content with ease

The Proxy and Mirror websites have just one difference. The Proxy sites shall hide the location where you are accessing from, but the Mirror sites are just a replica of the original site. But the fact is, the security factor cannot be guaranteed in this method. It is easy for anyone to see what you are doing, and there are times to track where you are located.

Using Proxy Mirror Sites is the easiest way to access original Torrent content. More importantly, you can use the links given above for the year 2021. However, many tech geeks do not approve of this method and opt for an alternate way to access the files for obvious security reasons. Unblocking the YIFY Torrent site using VPN is the more secure option. The argument is true. Using the Proxy Mirror website is not as secure as the VPN.

How to Use VPN to Access Torrent Content 

For those who do not know what a VPN is. A Virtual Private Network is an advanced internet technology where your IP address is always hidden. If you hide your real IP address, the actual online content is accessed through a dummy IP. The internet browsers are also encrypted. That means to say your connection is so secured that none can trace where you are from. Moreover, Using VPN to gain access to the Torrent content is pretty simple as the technical effort as a user is minimal in this case.

Let us quickly know how it works.

For you to use this method, you must sign up for a VPN service. You can use any service from the ones mentioned below

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. PureVPN
  4. VyprVPN
  5. IPVanishVPN

Step 1: As the signup process is done, you will have to enable ‘Network Lock’ or ‘Kill’ options.

Step 2: Attempt to connect to any VPN server which is P2P friendly. You can choose it from any P2P-friendly countries.

Step 3: Choose the server in the country and click on ‘Connect’

The connection establishes, and you can instantly connect to Torrent sites to download the required digital content.

The steps involved in the VPN method are so few that you may attempt to use this. The only change here is that you already have an Internet connection in the previous method, and you do not require any. But in this case, you must sign up for a premium VPN service which can incur extra cost.

The methods used to allow you to connect, download and share media files with exceptional ease. At the same time, many delectable working

Delectable Working YIFY Alternatives websites.

We have lined up a few.



With whopping 37000 movies and more than 600 TV shows, Zooqle offers high-speed downloading and streaming content online. The best part of the site is the simple interface. You can be a first-timer and still find the required content with ease. A few ISPs might have blocked this website, but you are good to go for those who use the VPN.



The best alternative to download Torrent content. The site gives a caution right in the beginning to use VPN, but still, the website is accessible in most parts of the world. It has an amazing inventory of videos and series, but lately, it has gone down in popularity due to security concerns.



It is the hub of brand-new movies and shows. We are certainly not exaggerating. The site is incredible in terms of video quality and downloads speed. However, Google has banned its search listings and banned its original domain too. There are a few countries that have imposed a ban on this website



A complete movie download site that has various gaming software too. The excellent website was launched in 2010 and was successful until a few countries imposed a ban on the website. The usage of a VPN can help you access this website without any hassle.

The Pirate Bay


It is an excellent Torrenting website that was established in the year 2003. A Swedish initiative offers free games, movies, songs, and software; the website is stable in its laws and policies. It is an excellent alternative for Torrent content.



With 55 million different links, this is one of the best Torrent sites one can rely on. The site completely looks like a search area where you can search and download your favorite content. The quality downloads are done in no time and are most sought after by many tech geeks.



It is a complete website for all your Torrent content needs. A simple and Lucid interface makes the website elegant to look at and access files. The hassle-free search option and the quick results make this site the incredible Torrent alternative one can opt for. The best website for beginners as it has no complications in navigating the website.



The impressive range of links makes us think if experts manage it. Yes, the website is managed by the developers of Extra Torrent. It is relatively new and has gained popularity in a short period for the quality of the contents. The brand-new movies are sure to trouble the movie industry in any country.



It is an excellent site for free downloads of videos, anime, songs as well as books. The best part of the website is the navigation ease. The good news is, Torrent9 has customer support too, and it is available 24/7. The prime reason to consider this website as the best alternative for Extra torrent is the GUI and the similarity in website functionality.

Fast Torrent


This website is unique when compared to all others that we have listed so far. You will find a search bar, and you can search for your favorite content. The search results will be magnet links that can use to download the files. The categorization of content is impeccable, which leaves very little time for you to search for the required media content.



It is the hub of new content and is mostly preferred by new users. The ‘Trend’ section is a unique factor and has loads of new and hot features updated repeatedly. The speed at which you can download the content needs a mention too.

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