10 Best Kodi Alternatives for Streaming Movies and TV Shows

When I say that streaming is the future it is not an understatement but rather it is an apt description of what the Internet and content consumption will look like in the future. In fact, this is not a future anymore rather it is something that is being materialized as of now and more and more people are now flocking towards streaming services in order to consume any kind of content.

The most famous streaming service that is available right now for TV shows and movies happens to be Netflix. in the world of music, Spotify is the leader in terms of streaming service provider. These two services have become such a household that around the world in more than 200 countries, they have spread their services and everybody has it nowadays.

Given the success of these streaming services, many other companies have also propped up on the horizon and have started to offer similar services. So much so, they are streaming services who provide niche quality and content Type. For instance, there are streaming services that exclusively provide documentaries.

Why have streaming services been so successful? 

One would wonder that how come streaming services have become such a huge thing and phenomenon even when all of these streaming services have a monthly subscription fee. Many of the TV viewers and Internet consumers have had a habit of consuming content for free without paying any penny for the content. Given that they still have TV sets available in their homes and Internet powered devices, how come they are still preferring to pay a monthly subscription fee for the same services?

The answer to this question lies in the entire business model of the streaming services. Streaming services give you the freedom of consuming the content anywhere at any time. You do not have to schedule your day around the TV schedule or the Internet schedule. Secondly, it is extremely easy to navigate these devices and websites because they are extremely consumer friendly.

And lastly, they do not bombard you with unlimited ads. On television and on the Internet, you will see a lot of advertisements that would disrupt your consumption of content. However, on these streaming services you are not disrupted by annoying advertisements.


Kodi is also one of the streaming services that have picked up very well. It offers a huge range of features and supports hundreds of add ONS and dozens of builds. Truly this platform happens to be a versatile platform. But sometimes, due to reasons such as system overload and bad quality of service, people are not able to enjoy the services of Kodi very well. Therefore, in this article we will mention 10 best alternatives for Kodi to stream movies and television shows.

Best alternatives for Kodi to stream movies and television shows. 


Stremio is one of the best alternatives that is available in the market for kodi. This happens to be a cross platform service provider which means that you can watch a range of multimedia like movies, shows and live TV. Streaming also supports official and unofficial video streaming and utility add ONS which makes it one of the most sought-after service providers.

Also, you can Use stremio on multiple devices by just logging onto your account And you do not have to install add ONS separately on devices.


Plex is one of the video platforms that empowers its clients because all of its consumers can create their own media server and by this they can view as much media as possible on all of their devices from a central server location.

In order to start using Plex, you need to set up the entire service on your computer and allow it access to the local media on the server. This way you will be able to access all of this video content remotely from any of your remote devices.


This service is also very similar to Plex because this also allows and offers a client server design module.

On top of the services provided similar to Plex, this service provider also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for streaming. Through this user interface you can also manage and organize your personal media too. On top of it, it has a healthy and vibrant user community platform which you can access if you have any questions or queries that need to be answered as soon as possible. just like Plex and Kodi this platform also does not provide any content, rather it allows you to fetch content from different sources.

Media portal

Media portal is an open-source media platform that allows your personal computer into a resource hub for video sharing. Once you have set up the entire service on your computer, you can access all of the videos through external devices such as your TV sets, your DVD players and all the Blu Ray players that you might have in your house.

Media portal comes in two versions. The second version is still in development and is worked upon for constant improvements.

Popcorn time

Who doesn’t want access to unlimited resources of television shows and movies on the Press of a button? With popcorn time you have access to hundreds and thousands of shows and movies. This is a service that can be set up on multiple devices which gives you ultimate freedom. You do not need to set up a main server on your laptop.

However, the best advantage of popcorn time is that it can source the same content from multiple sources which means that if one source is unreliable or unresponsive, you always have the option to revert to another source.

Universal media server

If you want to stream content on your gaming console, on your TV set or your mobile phone you can use this service to do so. The user interface of a universal media server is extremely simple and easy to use. Also, you do not need a very resource intensive device to run this software. Moreover, universal media service supports a wide range of video formats and can run on every kind of connexon speed.

If any of the above services does not happen to go well with you and you are still looking for other alternatives for kodi, you can try infuse, Jelly Finn, JRiver media center, open-source media center, and mobdro.


Living without streaming movies and TV shows happens to be really difficult. Like everyone you also need a pinch of entertainment in your life. But that doesn’t mean that you always have to pay for their entertainment. That should not become a barrier between you and your entertainment.

Therefore, make use of all of the resources that have been mentioned above as alternatives for kodi. They have been rated very well by their users and the community as well.

Moreover, in all of these platforms the quality of service has been central and the freedom to choose and consume content is a feature that is enabled for all of the users.

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