allucsite-alternatives is Dead; Here are Top Alternatives Websites Movie service is dead, Read article for Top Best Alternatives Websites

Alluc movies were one of the best platforms to watch web series and movies without spending anything. But good things do come to an end someday, just like all movies. It’s okay to feel sad.

On the main page of the website, there was a message by the site’s creator that the services are going to be discontinued, and it is not because of financial issues. It is because they want to focus on other projects. Sebastian Fink also said, “thank you for your love and support over the 13 years”.

But there are some things that people are not aware of, and these things contain some sites that work and where you can still watch movies and series. You love watching movies, otherwise you wouldn’t have stumbled on our website. And even if you don’t love movies, still head over to our website at TechyHost. In this article by TechyHost, we have compiled a list of the best Android apps for watching movies.(Spoiler Alert: Some of them are absolutely free!).

Now let’s take a look at some of the website alternatives to likewise


One of the best sites to watch the newest movies is Fmovies. It has a vast library of all the movies that you would like to watch. One of the site’s best features is that you can find movies by genre, actors, etc. And the content on the website can be sorted or arranged in alphabetical order. You can watch episodes of any of your favorite series anytime. The great thing is that you can search the movie or the show by it to find it as quickly as you want, and without any further delay, just from the episode screen you can easily play the next episode, and the format allows you to just be fluent. Don’t you think it’s the best option?

123 movies

Such an excellent option to stream shows and movies; you can find the movie by year, genre, or country, and otherwise, you can always find the movie by the search option, which is always available. The interface of the site is really smooth. Twenty genres are visible on the site; some are comedy, romance, Horror, Drama, Thriller, etc. it has a different section for the latest movies, named latest movies. You can download the movies from the website and enjoy them.


Twomovies is a brilliant free streaming website, just like others on this list. It has a vast collection of movies that anyone will love. They also often update their inventory, so they miss out on the good and new shows and movies. You can search any movie by its release year; what’s simpler than that? And if you’re a lover of the old era, you’ll be going to love the feature as it comes because it lets you find retro movies easily.


The fourth option on the list is MovieWatcher. You love some things simple and sweet; go and take a look at this website. The website also provides a little brief about the actors and actresses in the movies. You can easily search using your favorite genre, and it is one of the best alternatives for Alluc. But you have to register on the site; otherwise, you can’t stream anything.


When we talk about a wide range of movies, movies always strike my mind. The speed of Movie4K is really fast. Films are classified according to their genres, such as romance, drama, thriller, action, and the list never ends. You can also read the movie’s information, whether it is the release year, the IMDb rating, cast of the film, a little about the cast or length.

My Download Tube

As the name suggests, download the movies and enjoy anytime, anywhere you want. Firstly, you have to register yourself to the site to download the movies without any problems. The site has mostly HD and really high-resolution movies. And it is also a good substitute for Alluc movies.


You can stream movies on vumoo without paying anything, for totally free. The feature that attracts me the most is this site is the slideshow for the upcoming and the latest movies. There are many movies and serials on the site that one can never get tired of.

Classic cinema

As the name suggests, the website is specifically made for the movies of the retro era, the movies then when in theatres at the times of 1920s and afterward. People get relieved watching old movies and falling in love with life again. Movies released after the year 2000 can’t be found on the site.


Another amazing alternative for streaming free videos and movies. You will find there everything you’re looking for, and that too for free, all in HD quality, never settle for less!. It is such a user-friendly and easy-to-use website that allows you to navigate freely wherever you want.


Another great substitute for is Primewire. You can stream media here for your entertainment for free, anytime. Many genres are available on the site, such as action, drama, science fiction, adventure, and much more to explore. Every single movie has 15 links different from each other for different video media hosting sites. The address of the domain has changed several times in the past years. is the current one.

And here, the list ends. I hope you find the given websites useful 🙂

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