Why Participation Trophies Are Vital and Necessary

There has, for a while, been some argument about the benefit and downsides of presenting participation trophies. Anybody can argue to avoid rewarding failure, but what stands out is the many positives to rewarding participation as though it is some measure of success. Not everybody will be successful at everything they do, but it is still critical that people explore their interests and try things that might make them fail.

Consider the need for participation trophies because it builds self-esteem and participation because people who succeed still receive recognition because they may continue the activity further and by the activity’s natural rewards and because you can offer more elaborate trophies for winning.

The Value in Recognizing Everyone

Recognize everyone because it builds self-esteem, which is more vital than creating discipline at many points in someone’s life. Sometimes, the most significant thing you can do for someone taking part in an activity you are sponsoring is to ensure they leave with a bit of self-esteem because not everyone will balloon in skill at your teaching. It is crucial to recognize that you have a specific talent for what you do all day and that not everyone will achieve the things the winners in your industry or sport do because they are different people, destined for other things. So, consider adding a participation trophy to your activity that everyone will feel welcome to take part in.

Recognize everyone because it builds participation. If you value the involvement of those who do not win, you can recognize participation, just like you respect and recognize the winners. It would be best to understand that your activity or company would fail without the involvement of people who are not so skilled as to win each time. You need the support of inexperienced or unskilled people with what you are doing, and that is true if you are a coach or a manager at a large firm. So, offer everyone a bit of support such as a participation trophy.

Rewarding Both Success and Participation

You can still reward success when you offer participation trophies. The people who succeed at your activity will carry on participating, while this might be the only time in another person’s life that they take part in this activity. That is because those that succeed at your activity will be able to carry on participating in it at a higher level, while others will trail off and not pursue the thing you are doing further. So, those who excel will know that they did an outstanding job because they will be capable of continuing their pursuit further than the others. That, and not a trophy, will tell them they are successful at something.

Another way to reward success when you hand out participation trophies is through the activity’s rewards. During your work, sport, or fun activity, those who excel will get the joys of doing well at the activity. That might mean more points in a game or sport or more money for their work. Either way, there are many other benefits to pursuing an activity other than being the only one with a trophy. Perhaps it would be best to offer everyone a measure of support by giving them a trophy for participation instead of just success.

Layers of Rewards

If you are insistent that you need to reward success and not just participation, offer more elaborate custom plaques to people who exceed expectations. That way, everyone will receive the recognition they need, while people who excel will understand that they belong here as well. Also, creating layers of rewards benefits more people that pursue the activity. No matter your side in the participation trophy argument, you can offer a participation trophy and a winner’s trophy both.

By now, you can feel the added value that comes from offering participation trophies. So, consider including everyone in the awards ceremony the next time you need to hand out trophies. Consider allowing participation trophies because it builds self-esteem and participation. You can reward success through continued involvement and the activity’s natural rewards. Also, you could offer a more elaborate winner’s trophy. Not everyone will win at something you set up for them to do. So, consider allowing a wider group of people the support of a trophy. That way, everyone will want to play or work for you again.

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