Write Op-Eds Anonymously or with Author Bio

Should You Write Op-Eds Anonymously or with Author Bio?

We all have an opinion to share. Some follow logic and data to form an opinion, while some are firm advocates of only what they believe. The latter don’t focus on learning and seeing things from other perspectives, but the first ones are always open to new possibilities.

If you are a logical person with an opinion that should be shared with the world, this brief article is for you. You can discourse on trusted platforms with a great following, but you must ask yourself one question first: should you write it with an author bio at the end or share it anonymously.

What Could Happen with Your Information 

If you are writing something that many people would disagree with, you should think twice before publishing it. Not everyone is open to learning new things. Many easily get offended to the extent that they would seek revenge. If you said something unpopular, you will have many people abusing you in the comment section.

Many will send you harassing emails, and some might also try to reach you physically. If your op-ed is harmless and won’t offend anyone, then it’s better to use your author bio, so like-minded people can further endorse it.

If You Write Anonymously 

No one will know who wrote this piece if you write it anonymously. Many platforms allow their contributors to publish anonymous articles. This keeps you safe from people who would disagree with you and from the people who you are writing against.

If you took on the pen to stand against someone powerful, your anonymous writing will spread awareness and keep you safe. However, be sure to only use platforms like the Doe that are well-known for keeping the secrecy of their contributors.

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