How to Make Money While Travelling?

If you feel like exploring beyond a beach vacation or regular weekend getaway, it is well worth finding out how to make money on a world tour. Fortunately, the opportunities to make money while traveling have never been better. English, here are the best travel jobs to help finance your nomadic lifestyle.

Virtual Assistant

The VA industry is booming as more entrepreneurs and companies outsource their assistants, but what are virtual assistants and what do they do? Everything from email manager to social media management, website maintenance and design, editing, writing and market research. The job is very varied and you have to organize, plan and research well. Get paid high, especially if you already have experience in an administrative (managerial) role. Most VAs are self-employed and many work from home. Hence, it is easy to do the job on the street; All you need is a laptop and a reliable internet and / or phone connection to get started.


How To Make Money On The Go Writing / Blogging Writers have traveled since their profession. If you have a talent for the written word, there are many ways you can make money writing. Type of blogging) allows you to turn your passion into a job, write about your experience, attract an audience, and advertise on your blog or be sponsored by a company. You can also become a freelance writer and get paid for writing for other bloggers or on online publications. This is an amazing way to improve your portfolio, especially when starting out. If you have the gift of the word and sales skills, copywriting could be a good option for you. Feel safe, there is always a class you can take to improve your writing and communication skills before you begin. To stay sociable even on the go, hostels are a great place to find yourself, and coworking spaces have sprung up all over the world.It is entirely possible to have the freedom to travel and be the master of your own destiny, but also to enjoy the sense of community. All you need is a laptop and a high speed WiFi connection and after that you càn start it.

Travel Blogger

You visit a place and write about its beauty and whatever you have experienced here and, but how does it work? There are many different ways to make money from a travel blog. Some are obvious and some are, for example, companies pay the person to promote them on their website or social media channels. This is obvious advertising. At other times they are paid by tourism boards, hotels and travel companies to go to their destination and write about them, or brands pay them for our photography. The less obvious ways are through things like affiliate sales. For example, if we recommend a product and you, the reader, buy this product through our link, we receive a small commission.The brand pays us that commission, so it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Now it seems that being a travel blogger can be anyone’s dream job.

Travel the world, get paid to post a few photos on Instagram, send a business to outrageous places and what we have to do is just blog about it. The truth is, this is extremely hard work and sometimes we work 10-12 hours a day. But the rewards are definitely worth it. Time to make a travel blog to be successful. Very, very rarely does it happen overnight. So when you are thinking of getting into it, remember that it can and will take a lot of work. Travel the world a little before starting a blog so you can see things from a clear perspective instead of always thinking about social media, taking pictures, writing articles, etc.

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Freelance Online

Fancy a “digital nomad” lifestyle? It’s easier than you think, thanks to freelance work platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, where you can apply for all kinds of jobs from clients from around the world. Con is a demonstrable skill in a sought-after area. Winning projects can be difficult, especially at the beginning when you don’t have a proven track record, but if you’ve had a few jobs and have positive comments on your profile, hopefully I’ll find a steady flow of work. Some of the most lucrative areas of freelance work are web design and development, internet research, data entry, graphic design, content creation, and translation and editing.

English Teaching

This is one of the most popular ways to make money while traveling. It’s old but good. English teachers are an extremely important need. Teaching English as a foreign language is often viewed as a “backpack job” and can actually be very challenging, rewarding and lucrative. Although qualifications are not always required, it is best to get a TEFL or TESOL certificate. A course can be held online or in the classroom and usually lasts around 4 weeks. have more confidence to teach a class full of children or adults and have an advantage over competitors who don’t have a certificate.

Salaries vary widely from country to country, and many schools offer free airline tickets or vacation pay to teachers who stay for an entire school year. Although English is obviously a very popular language to learn, if you are fluent in another language, such as English, you can take advantage of these skills by advertising in hostels, cafes, etc. B. Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin or other widely used languages. and teaching.

Working Holiday Visa

Work holiday visas are the easiest way to get to know a new culture, said Tommy Walker: Blogger behind The Wandering Walker, who is a UK travel blogger. In his twenties, he lived in New Hong Kong, Zealand, and  Australia  thanks to the Working Holiday Visa Programs. You can make money by traveling to a new place, and save it for a new adventure. Depending on your nationality and age, the program allows you to live abroad and work in a non-professional job as a bartender for a certain period of time, usually between six and 24 months.

An added benefit is that you can (generally) stay in a country much longer than if you entered on a regular tourist visa. The participating countries see the program as an opportunity to promote tourism in the longer term while at the same time promoting cultural awareness. The typical routine, a work visa, is a great way to go abroad and make money. Applicants typically need to be between 18 and 30 years old, although each country has its own guidelines. The program logistics vary greatly depending on the nationality. as well as the country you plan to travel to, so do your homework beforehand.

Take Stock Photos

You have got a camera, you are pretty good at understanding cheesy little dials, and you have got the creative eye that can probe the moments, big and small, that make fate what it is. Just click Happy, take great pictures and sell them online on various stock photography websites like and , etc. Every time someone buys your picture, they get a thing in your bank account. Make sure you have a hidden camera that can take good quality photos and that you state your terms of use for the image very clearly to the host websites. Don’t go into it if all you want to do is take normal photos. Anyone can click on a picture of Lake Pangong Tso in Ladakh, but if you can capture the haunted beauty of the lake at night, that is on sale.


If you want to see yourself as part of the larger community and do something to make things better, why not? As travel exposes you to newer cultures, you begin to realize that anywhere in the world your skills are simply what it takes to create a better future. Volunteering requires a lot of commitment, resilience and, above all, compassion. Make sure that the thing you choose is something you really believe in and that you are ready to give your all to make things better. Don’t expect five-star treatment or preferential status just because you volunteer. It is not an achievement for which no one owes you compensation, you do it of your own free will you have to give.

Local/Tourist Guide

How do you travel and make money? Work as a tour guide! You can apply to be a (freelance) tour guide in travel agencies that sell tours to travelers. Especially in the high season, the demand for travel guides is always higher. A license is sometimes required, however I have been able to get some tour guide jobs without a license so if you are wanderlust and have a lot of knowledge of the history of the area it shouldn’t be too difficult a job as a tour guide.

A much better and more effective way is to advertise online as a freelance local tour guide. You can offer your own tours in a destination or a place you love and know very well. This could be your home or a place that you have lived in for a while.If you have a passion for your city, sign up as a tour guide. This could be one of the easy ways to make money. No need to be an expert, just share the passion and show travelers what and why you love the city.


Are you a confident person, love to take in yourself and have something interesting to say? Or do you have a cute pet who is so fun and you can’t stop filming them? Skills and love making tutorial videos that will help people? You should be a vlogger! YouTube is the largest platform for vloggers with over 1 billion users. Your videos can be anything as long as your content is unique and not boring. Make sure you offer your followers something valuable to keep them coming back. Make them laugh, teach them, or inspire them. Once popular, you can monetize your videos with ads and earn around $ 110 per 1000 views. My friend started a channel which provides interesting information in a place which she explored and it is running so well that she earns a lot. So it is a great platform where you can also provide information or anything which people will love and you can also earn through it.

Work in Hostels

If you’ve stayed in a hostel before you know how fun it can be. Past backpackers who arrive, fun-loving, constantly looking for a party or a good time and just spreading a good mood. this scene, live the dream of travel. That’s life in a hostel. Working in a hostel is one of the most fun travel jobs you can have. All the staff will be like your family, the hostel will feel like your home and you will always meet great travelers! We’ve both worked in hostels around the world and loved every minute of it. The jobs you can get in a hostel are very diverse, but the most popular are work at the reception, work in hostel bars, as a tour guide or coordinator of activities (Jazza’s old job).

In North America and Europe, you may also be able to clean rooms, which isn’t as bad as it sounds when you have cool gear around. The best thing to do is just stay in cool hostels in the area and keep an eye out for whoever is hiring. Have a good personality, talk to the staff, meet the managers and leave your resume. If you want to start running a hostel, our friends at Mad Monkey Hostels in Southeast Asia are running a phenomenal 12 week hostel management course. Not only are they the most successful hostel chain in Asia with top notch education, they also focus on social businesses and charities.

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