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Top Features Of Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

When it comes to elegant, sleek, and beautifully understated diamond rings, emerald-cut diamond rings are preferred the most. Rings of this type of diamond cut are perfect for all those who look for a romantic and sophisticated engagement or wedding ring.

The emerald cut is a beautiful cut that turns out to be perfect for both diamonds and gemstones. It is a type of elegant diamond shape which is also known as a square emerald cut. Diamond rings with emerald cut have a sleek look which makes them a popular choice for all those people who want a ring with a subtle sparkle and a classic style.

Emerald-cut diamond rings are known for their understated and impressive wow factor. Before buying an emerald-cut diamond ring, knowing more about it help you know whether the ring will be a perfect choice for you or not. The top features of emerald-cut diamond ring that make them unique and you must know to make the right purchase are listed below.

Elongated Shape

Emerald cut diamonds have an elongated shape stone due to which the diamonds look larger than a round cut diamond. Because of the large top surface (table), an emerald cut diamond looks larger as well as more expensive than a diamond of the same carat weight. As compared to a 1-carat round-cut diamond, a 1-carat emerald-cut diamond looks larger. The addition of this type of diamond to an engagement or wedding ring, makes the fingers look longer as well as more slender and beautiful.

Solid Color

As compared to various other types of diamonds, the color in an emerald-cut diamond is more visible. Due to its step cuts and large table, an emerald-cut diamond display more color than other types of fancy diamonds. The large table also keeps the color easily noticeable to the naked eye.

Fancy Look

Many people choose emerald-cut diamonds for their engagement or wedding rings due to their fancy shape. Rings with this type of diamond have a vintage feel all on their own. Even though they have a strong vintage feel, you can easily pair an emerald-cut diamond with modern and sleek ring designs. The diamond includes straight lines that create an attractive “hall of mirrors” effect. The fancy look of the diamond makes it easy for you to add a clean, and modern aesthetic look to your ring.

High Clarity

One of the major reasons behind the high demand for emerald-cut diamond engagement and wedding rings is the high clarity of the diamond. An emerald diamond is usually known for emitting less fire as well as brilliance than various other diamond cuts. This is due to the nature of facets. When buying an emerald-cut diamond ring, clarity is paid the highest attention.

Many people even pick an emerald-cut diamond ring just because of its high clarity. The long, and lean facets of this type of diamond produce amazing flashes of light. The emerald-cut diamond with a VS1 clarity grade or higher ensures an eye-clean appearance. However, choosing a high-clarity emerald-cut diamond ring also cost you high. But you can also customize the ring to reduce the overall cost and pick a beautiful, emerald-cut diamond ring.


Emerald-cut diamond rings are also known best for their versatility. These rings are highly versatile and thus you can easily wear such a ring in a variety of ways. Depending on your choice, you can set the stones in an emerald-cut engagement ring both vertically and horizontally. Rings with this type of diamond offer traditional outlines as well as understated elegance.

Diamond Cost

In comparison to round or cushion-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamonds are more affordable. Their price is not just 20-30% cheaper but they are also best for those who want a unique and expensive-looking ring within a budget. The cost of an emerald cut diamond ring also depends on the diamond’s qualities. The overall cost of the ring usually varies according to the ring’s style, setting, and 4Cs (carat, cut, color, and clarity).

Length to Width Ratio

Emerald-cut diamond rings are known for having different length-to-width ratios. Based on the length-to-width ratio, such rings can range in proportion. The proportion usually goes from long and thin to a square shape. When buying an emerald-cut diamond ring, people usually prefer a ratio of 1.45 to 1.55. Choosing this ratio for your ring helps you get a classic look. Those who love elongated shapes are recommended to go for a higher ratio, and those who prefer a more square shape can choose one with a lower ratio.

Final Thoughts

Emerald cut diamond is known for their stunning look. Diamond of this type of cut looks beautiful in every ring style. These diamonds are not just beautiful but are also durable and thus turn out to be an excellent choice for wedding and engagement rings. In terms of style, emerald-cut diamond rings are unique and sophisticated.

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