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Design Your Home to Be Child-Friendly: 6 Easy Tips

The safety of your children must always remain your top priority wherever you and your family go. Even when at home, accidents can happen that can put your child’s safety at risk. In recent statistics from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, about 2000 children ages 14 and under are being exposed to safety hazards at home every year. While it’s impossible to keep an eye on your children all the time, you can help guarantee their safety at home by creating a fun and child-friendly space.

Here are 6 easy tips to make your home child-friendly

Choose carpet flooring. 

Small kids love to run, jump and roll over the floor. Carpet flooring will make a soft and safe ground for kids at play. Carpets also help keep down the noise when walking, which will avoid startling babies or toddlers in their sleep. Experts suggest choosing nylon as the carpet material for playrooms as it is durable and stain-resistant. When it comes to style, textured carpet fiber is ideal because it maximizes comfort for kids playing on the floor and does not show footprints and other marks.

Invest in a quality air conditioning unit.

Since they have not yet developed resistance against airborne allergens and pathogens, children can suffer from cold and allergies due to poor air quality inside the home. Installing a high-quality air conditioner is the best way to protect your kids against harmful pollutants in the air. Air conditioning does not only keep temperature regulated at optimal levels but also improves air quality and reduces humidity levels in indoor spaces.

If your home’s AC system fails to cool your home properly, you must call the attention of licensed and skilled contractors right away. It is very important for the health of your family that you make no delays in scheduling a professional air conditioner repair.

Install a fence around the pool.

Under the residential pool safety law, homeowners are required to equip swimming pools inside their property with a safety feature such as a barrier to pass final inspection. Child drowning accidents can happen due to unsupervised entry to the pool. Building a fence or a barrier around the pool can prevent related accidents from happening, thus saving your child from danger.

Lock up sharp tools and objects.

To keep your home repair kit or tools away from your kid’s reach, lock it up in a hidden cabinet or drawer. When playing around the house, kids may end up in the garage where a lot of sharp objects and harmful chemicals are stored. Thus, make sure to keep your garage door locked. If you have an automatic garage door, always keep the garage door remote with you or store it somewhere safe when not in use.

Create a playroom.

To keep your kids from running around unsafe areas in your house, create a place for play. You can customize the space to be 100% child-friendly, so you are guaranteed of your kid’s safety even if you’re not with them inside the playroom. Setting up a playroom can help you a lot with the cleaning part since there is only one room to clean.

Choose child-safe lighting fixtures.

When designing your toddler’s room, make sure to install lighting fixtures that are child-safe. Overhead lighting is ideal since it’s mounted away from your child’s reach. Instead of shutting off completely, choose lighting that only dimmers to create a relaxing ambiance during bedtime. During the day, make sure your child’s room gets enough natural light.

Whether you’re renovating your home or moving into a new space, always think of your child’s safety when starting with the decoration. Don’t forget to do your own research or ask the advice of experts when it comes to choosing specific home designs.

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