Cool and Interesting Websites to Kill Time

7 Cool and Interesting Websites to Kill Time

Interesting Websites to Kill Time: When such times arise where you find loneliness along with leisure then surfing on the internet is right away a better option to pass time. The boredom can be hazardous so you need to get away from its reach as much as possible.

It is fair advice that aloofness can trigger such emotions in which you would get into a state of mind that is not good for you. One should always abstain from being entangled in thoughts. You need to be very clear without any obtrusiveness that there is a dire need for you to get entertained whilst the boredom has been knocking at the door.

You need to be very smart as there is a smart way to wriggle out from the stress which you get from constant thoughts for hours in a row. Surfing the web smartly can lead to peace of mind as there are several Cool and Interesting Websites to Kill Time on the internet and for that, you need to look out for the websites that can pass your time while filtering out the boredom and monotony.

There are websites that you can surf with paving interests as they are up for you to provide the cool and interesting contents and the things you need to know.

The Websites that are putting up an effort to entertain you on which you get comfortable and pass on time with convenience whose surfing has been very easy.

Some websites are top-ranked but they could not make it the way you want. The problem that one takes into account is the slowdown of a website it is about the time it takes to open up and load the landing pages or the main page.

People spend their time and linger on towards the passage of time as many websites offer cool and entertaining stuff while maintaining your interests to the highest extent. People find out the ways to comprehend what websites shall be explored.

It can even trigger smart learning you don’t know what you are learning while you are surfing the web. These are some websites that are among the interesting and cool visiting them that can kill your time while providing you with an excellent approach to Internet Surfing.

Bored Panda

It is evident from its name what type of content this site is offering. This website provides you the content that discovers the interesting content that is visually interesting.

Visiting this Website can do wonders as it provides you the vibes of interesting material. It is a blogging site that gives you updates regularly It provides you coolest Photography, Travel, Illustration, animals DIY technology, and other great sections of categories.

The most appealing feature of this website is that you are given the prerogative to vote for posts up and down. It means that you can vote against any post to get it removed from their domain.

Laughing Squad

The Laughing squad is among the websites that offer blogs that cater to topics that are unbelievable and interesting.

You can get inspiration from the stuff that is available on their website. You can get high-end visual posts about art, culture, and technology on their website.

Mostly they post photos and videos along with pretty short content. This increases the accessibility and ease for users to get the information on the go in a casual mode.

They make numerous new posts and update the latest and freshest content so you can browse them perfectly.

Mental Floss

It is a website that is reckoned as the encyclopedia for all the common questions you want the answer for. This website is equipped with excellent knowledge for all the interesting questions of life.

This website elucidates its bio as an encyclopedia for everything. You can visit the lists, watch videos take quizzes, and even get the learning geared up by knowing new tactics with Mental Floss.

You get to explore everything from science to pop culture so go ahead and get an expansion of your knowledge.


This is the best website for getting the exploring done in a user-friendly way where different users post Knowledgeable articles splitting from categories as per your interest.

Users submit links for articles photos and videos which they think should be taken down. Anyone can upvote or downvote them andthe upvoted gets on the top.

The Oatmeal 

This one is the website which is for the avid lovers of humor as it has most of the comic content It also broadens to take the quizzes. These wacky drawings give considerations about real-time life situations.

Some stories could be relatable and some comics are that much crazy that they wouldn’t be possible in the real life. You can get a great kickstart with the posts out there but some may get a few users offended to but ultimately, it’s a great website for a laugh.

The Toast

This is a website that publishes the stories that are roaming around the characters present in the books and the books themselves. It is a daily blog that can provide you interesting insights about a book or the author of the book. There are other articles present too but that is its pertinent niche. You can get motivation for writing from here.


This is a website that lays emphasis even on the pointless happenings as it is becoming trendy and viral on the internet for the stories it covers. It is a site that covers all information about newsworthy and viral materials. You can embark with the quizzes to serious breaking news and long-form journalism. If you want the major distraction for long and keep on surfing Buzzfeed is the way to go on.

In a Nutshell

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These websites can bring better strategizing of time getting you to learn about your surroundings In a befitting way and get extensive benefits. These websites put a lot of potential into your life for instance when you are passing time you learn about something.

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