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Box Packaged Goods – Detailed Explanation

Box packaged goods are heavily used for products packaging. Here’s a detailed explanation of box packaged goods.

Whether you own a cutlery business or sell electronic items, boxed packaging is the number one option for sellers to send products off to customers. It’s one of the safest packaging‘s to secure costly, fragile, and delicate items. Boxed packaging is famous throughout the world and a lot of brands opt for it to safely send products to customers.

Boxed packaging is used for the last hundreds of years by brands. From cereals to groceries, most of the time it’s boxed packaging that saves customers from spilling their items on the floor after shopping. Such packaging keeps the goods well-protected and saves them from any harm during transportation.

The Packaging Industry

Boxed Packaging is a huge industry that generates about $500 billion annually. The industry is responsible for about 5 million jobs with more than 100,000 packaging manufacturing companies operating.

Gone are days when plastic was the only way to package products. The packaging industry has evolved with time with more and more options are coming up each day to pack and transport the products. Today, food safety and transportability are also put on top of the list before selecting a packaging material. Apart from it, convenience foods and supermarkets are growing in number as well that further increasing the need for packaging material.

Plastic and other non-biodegradable products are responsible for a huge part of global warming. Hence, the packaging industry is coming up with innovative and environmental-friendly options to help manufacturers meet everyday demand. Not only is it great for consumers, but it also saves the environment from the possible damage in the long term.

Sustainability is considered to be the first concern of brands and consumers alike, hence, opting for innovative packaging is extremely necessary for businesses. Such packaging is recyclable and does not put the environment at risk. Apart from it, lightweight packaging saves the transportation cost for businesses that can be invested in other important business aspects.

What is the Role of Packaging?

Packaging is used for safely transporting the products to the customers. Different brands opt for different packaging options depending on their transportation cost and the safety that it offers to the product. One area where brands heavily struggle is finding lightweight packaging options to save transportation costs. Apart from it, more and more consumers are opting for brands with the least environmental damage. Hence, the pressure lies on brands to come up with an innovative ideas to package their products.

Packaging is not only used to send off products to customers, it’s also a way to display your brand to your audience. Have you ever fallen in love with unique and aesthetic packaging? Well, everyone has once in their life. That’s the kind of impact packaging can have on consumers. Brands need to focus on coming up with an option that not only minimizes the additional weight and transfers the product safely but also makes consumers fall in love with their brand.

Apart from it, brands can utilize packaging to label their products. You can use the packaging to advise customers about how to use the product or how to store it properly. It’s the best way to grab customers’ attention.

Different industries need different types of packaging. For instance, a medical industry might need to package their products in boxes that come with childproof opening devices.

The role of packaging is far greater than people might think. It has the potential to make or break your brand in the consumers’ eyes, so it’s recommended to never compromise on it.

Different Types of Packaging Goods

Packaging is highly important, so there’s no chance that brands can compromise on it. It not only protects the goods but also plays a crucial role in perceiving the brand’s value. A lot of different packaging options are available in the market, but it’s hard to choose one from them.

Regardless of shape, quantity, and size – boxed packaged goods are everywhere. If you’re interested in different types of boxed packaging, then here’s a list of options for you. Select one of them and move ahead with your product packaging.

Paperboard Boxes

Manufactured with wood pulp, these are the ideal boxes for packaging goods. They can be easily molded in different shapes and are affordable as well. Paperboard boxes are great for display boxes and fast-food packaging.


  • Affordable
  • Sustainable and recyclable
  • Can be molded easily
  • Can be used for packaging different products


  • Poor strength
  • Unable to withstand dust or moisture

Rigid Boxes

Made up of highly-compressed paperboard, these boxes are far thicker than paperboard boxes. They are dense, heavy, and cannot be molded. Regardless of it, they can be customized pretty easily. These boxed packages are costly, so they are recommended to be used for luxury items, fragile gadgets, and expensive items only.


  • Good quality
  • Durable and rigid
  • Customizable packaging


  • Cannot be molded
  • Expensive
  • Needs to be Boxed packaged in additional packaging for protection

Corrugated Boxes

Widely known as cardboard, these boxes are heavily used for retail packaging and exporting cartons. These boxes can also be used at home for storing stuff. Corrugated boxes are multi-layered boxes coming with uneven parts between inner and outer heavyweight papers.

It’s this uneven paper that is responsible for cardboard strength, insulation, and protection. These boxes are usually made up of recycled paper and are relatively inexpensive and sustainable.


  • Sustainable packaging
  • Affordable
  • Can be cut and molded into different shapes
  • Used for storing stuff


  • Cannot stand moisture and humidity
  • Don’t have extraordinary finishing or look

Chipboard Boxes

Made with repossessed paper, chipboard boxes are glued with resin after compressing them. Chipboard boxes are sustainable and are made up of recycled materials. They can be molded in different shapes depending on the product’s packaging. Since they are made up of recycled paper, hence, they are relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, these boxes can be purchased in different densities too.


  • Used for multiple product packaging
  • Affordable option
  • Recyclable as made with reprocessed papers
  • Comes in different densities


  • Cannot stand dust, contaminants, or moisture
  • Very thin

Plastic Boxes

Plastic is one of the best packaging products as itcan withstand moisture, contaminants, dust, and dirt. Plastic can replace other packagings such as ceramic, wood, or glass boxes. Plastic is durable and can protect goods from damage. Plastic packaging further comes in different shapes and sizes to fit different products.

One of the main concerns with plastic is that it harms the environment; however, recyclable plastic packaging can be produced by using the right polymer. Plastic is further air and moisture-resistant making it the best packaging option for brands. Moreover, plastic packaging is affordable and can be used for storing items as well.


  • Water and air-resistant
  • Durable
  • Can withstand dirt, moisture, and contaminants
  • Lightweight packaging
  • Affordable option


  • Not environmental-friendly
  • Vulnerable to fragile goods
  • Not premium option

Importance of Box Packaging for Brands

Leaving a strong first impression is very important for businesses; therefore, you cannot forget about product packaging. Whether you’re selling a tee or a phone case, it’s important to give attention to the product’s packaging. Imagine selling a high-quality product, but the customer doesn’t buy from you again because of poor packaging. It’s safe to say that product packaging plays a huge role in establishing brand loyalty.

Here are a few points to highlight why box packaging is important for brands.

Gives Protection to the Product

One of the main reasons to use box packaging is to protect the product from any damage. The product packaging must be reliable and sturdy to secure the product from damage during the transportation phase. A lot of companies take extra measures and package their products with seals and locks to ensure their safety.

Makes the Brand Stand out from Competitors

If you’re selling your product in a supermarket or even if you run an online business, you need to stand out from the competition. Several brands customize their packaging, while, some stick to printing their logo on the boxes only. Even if you are using the same material for packaging, its design must be different.

Packaging also plays a role in setting your brand’s value, so the best thing is to use the color palette, fonts, and style that you use for your website and other marketing channels. You can be as creative as you want with the boxed packaging to make yourself stand out from the rest. It might be a little expensive, but it’s all worth it.

Promotes the Brand

Another advantage of product packaging is that it helps in promoting the business. Many brands include a description of their product on the packaging to let customers know how to use the product. For instance, medicines packaging lets the consumer know how to use the product and where to store it.

It helps the brand to meet customers’ expectations. The more easily you explain your product to the customer, the better you’re able to convince them to purchase from you the next time as well. Apart from it, transparent packaging such as plastic boxes lets the customer see the product in real-time. Most customers are intrigued by it and are more likely to purchase the product they can see.

Attracts Buyers

If you’re putting effort into product packaging, then you should see an improvement in attracting buyers. Using the right color and message is an ideal approach to producing high-quality packaging. It’s important to conduct extensive research into designing product packaging to appeal to your customers.

Make sure it’s attractive, compelling, and leaves a strong first impression on the customer. Well-designed packaging is far better than low-quality packaging that drives your customer away.

Things to Remember While Designing Box Packaging

Now that you’re aware of the importance of boxed packaging and its types – here are a few things you must remember while designing them.

  • Study your audience. Never be too quick in designing packaging and take your time to see what will attract your audience. You need to study your target audience to see what appeals to them. Getting creative at this stage is necessary to grab your customer’s attention in the long run.
  • Design the packaging as per the product. The packaging should be of appropriate size and shape to fix the product in it. Apart from it, you need to make sure that the packaging reflects the characteristics and qualities of your product. Design a product that is not only appealing to the eye but gives off a great first impression.
  • The packaging should be practical. One might wonder what it means. It simply means that the packaging must be easy to open and use. Don’t get too driven away that you end up creating a packaging design that ends up frustrating your customers. Make sure that the packaging is practical.
  • How do you plan on selling your product? A marketing plan plays a huge role in deciding what kind of packaging will go with your product. For instance, are you an environmental-friendly brand? If yes, then you need to opt for packaging that is biodegradable and recyclable. See if the packaging addresses your customers’ concerns along with those of sales channels, distributors, and retailers.
  • Product packaging should be easy to produce. A lot of brands don’t think how and from where the products for packaging will come. It’s important to see if you can easily get the material for packaging or if it’s affordable for you. Also, check if you can get it in larger quantities.
  • Does the packaging protect the product? Here comes the main concern. The packaging must be able to protect the product at all costs; otherwise, it’s useless. Depending on the product that you’re selling, choose a good packaging option for the product’s safety and security.
  • Check the fonts and colors used on packaging. Product packaging is a part of creating brand identity, so it’s important to use the same fonts, styles, and colors as you use on your website and other marketing material. Fonts and colors have the potential to evoke emotions, so it’s best to use them wisely.

Take Your Packaging Seriously for Customer Satisfaction

Many businesses pay close attention to product packaging, but a lot of them ignore it as well. Apparelinclick is one of the famous clothing brands that take its packaging very seriously. The brand is environmental-friendly and only opts for a biodegradable packaging option. Similarly, some other top brands including Zara, Adidas, TOMS, etc. are taking the initiative to opt for sustainable packaging for goods.

Product packaging can make or break your brand, so the best thing is to opt for the one that rightly showcases your brand to the audience. Don’t compromise on the quality; otherwise, you will end up losing your customer. Take inspiration from brands like Apparelinclick and design product packaging that is both affordable and environmental-friendly.

Make sure that the packaging that you choose is able to keep your product safe and secure during transportation. Also, don’t forget to do market research before designing the product packaging for goods. It will save you from wasting your time on the wrong stuff.

Box packaging is an excellent option for goods, so make sure to go over all your options before choosing one for your brand.

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