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Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10 (2024)

Are you finding Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10? we have mentioned the top procreate alternatives for windows 10 (2024), which beginners and professionals can use.

In the last few years, people have drastically adopted changes around them and are ready to deal with the changes positively. With the advancement of digitalization, people have become more digitally advanced. People used to use a pen and paper earlier, but nowadays, they use writing apps to write. Just like writing apps, people are using various drawing apps for their artwork. Among different drawing apps, procreate has been a popular one among the iPad and iOS devices.

Procreate has been among those iPad-OS apps that didn’t find their place in Windows 10. It might be because Windows ten is not watched as a tablet-friendly OS. However, numerous laptops in the windows environs come with touchscreen capability with a convertible form. Anyhow, if you want to sketch on your windows ten laptop with the help of an effective program like procreate, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will explore few of the best procreate alternatives for windows ten that can be used to draw, sketch, and graphic design.

Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10

In the list mentioned below, we have mentioned the top procreate alternatives for windows ten, which beginners and professionals can use. But before we jump on the list of procreate alternatives, we will first understand the meaning of procreate.

What is Procreate?

Procreate is popularly used for the graphic editor and digital painting app, available on IOS and iPad-OS. In contrast to other similar apps, procreate has a different place. It has automatic controls that are targeted at recreating the natural feel while sketching. Besides this, procreate includes more than 130 types of brushes, advanced layers, masks, digital art tools, and many more.

Procreate is an app that allows you to create special effects by selecting the objects you need to place into the pages of photos. It is a graphic designing and illustration software for iPad and iOS devices.

Procreate contains a format of the pictures, which you can place in the software. It is a useful photo-editing software developed to give an excellent contribution to the users. Though, it is not a photo editor or any other type of photo editor. But it is an editor that allows you to edit the original photos as they are inside the camera. The app also contains different modes to choose from depending on the screen size you are using.

Why Do You Need a Procreate Alternative for Windows 10?

As discussed above that procreate is quite popular because of its natural feel of the drawing, but the application is only exclusive for iOS and iPad. Because Windows users cannot use the app, we need to procreate alternatives for windows 10. We have selected the best options that offer a similar experience, like procreate with an abundance of digital sketching tools.

The List of Top Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10

Autodesk sketchbook

Autodesk sketchbook is a popular program known for digital drawing and is suggested as the best procreate alternative for windows 10. The significant part of this app is it is free for everyone. All you need is just to sign up for a free account, and then you can use the full-featured version of Autodesk sketchbook. The app runs well in full-screen mode with a giant canvas, which uses multiple tools and layers.

You can use active styles on this app, and it also supports palm rejection, in case you are using touchscreen windows ten device, the Autodesk sketchbook does not require much introduction when it comes to drawing and sketching. You can observe the similar experience you can get with the procreate on windows ten using Autodesk sketchbook.


Like Autodesk sketchbook, Krita is another powerful app that is the best procreate alternative for windows 10. However, it is a professional grade drawing program that is entirely free and open source. With the help of Krita, you can create conceptual art, comics, and detailed illustrations with many of its tools.

The app is top-rated in the Linux community, and many professionals use it for digital painting. If you are looking for the best sketching app like procreate on windows ten that can compete with the best tools, Krita is the best option.

Adobe illustrator

When it comes to graphic designing, how can we forget about adobe’s feature-rich illustrator? It is the program that has the best UI and includes intuitive controls for touchscreen devices. Though adobe illustrator primarily deals with vector graphics, you can also use rasterization similar to procreate. You can develop everything from web icons and product packaging to billboards and book illustrations in adobe illustrator.

With the adobe program, you will get all the tools that you will need to turn simple shapes and colors into intricate designs, logos, and icons. Using adobe illustrator, you can get access to gorgeous typography and a freehand drawing tool.


Concepts are among few procreated alternatives that offer the same level of touchscreen controls on an eternal canvas. The program is optimized explicitly for Surface Pen, Surface Pro X and other devices based on windows 10. The best thing about using concepts is that if you have a touchscreen Windows laptop, you can access its unique tools like a color dial.

Concepts offer a wide variety of canvas where you can create illustrations and sketches. It also supports tilt and pressure modes that can help you while drawing complicated details with high precision.

Corel painter 2021

It is another procreate alternative for windows 10, which offers plenty of graphic tools that help you complete the job correctly. Corel painter markets as a tool for pros, created by the pros. You can get a variety of vast selection of brushes, which is more than 900, which are exclusively for particles, pattern pens, and thick paint brushes.

The Corel painter is supported by a vast library of its video tutorial which is helpful for beginners. In short, Corel painter offers similar functions like procreate.

MediBang paint

The MediBang paint offers various tools, including around 800 backgrounds, brushes, and 20 font styles. It is a simple and helpful tool for those who wanted to get started with their comics and manga creator’s journey. The app also offers cloud syncing across various platforms. In conclusion, we can conclude that the app is helpful for budding and professional comic creators.


Though ArtRage is not renowned as procreate or any other program discussed above, it is the potential painting app that can be used on windows 10. The program has a wide range of realistic painting tools by which you can create unique artwork. In addition to this, it also allows you to fine-tune all of your favorite devices. Artrage has kept everything limited so that beginners can quickly get used to the app.

Affinity Designer

Although affinity designers do not offer drawing and painting, you can get most from it when you know how to use it. By using its vector illustrator, you can develop some of the best graphic designs. The app offers a complete guide to visual designing solutions, even if you are a beginner. Other than illustrations, you can create icons, branding materials, and printing projects. The affinity designer ranks among the best procreate alternatives.

Clip studio paint

Clip Studio is a perfect choice when you want to go for drawing on windows 10. The app comes with a rigid brush engine that allows you to create beautiful artwork with pinpoint. Besides, the app also has the biggest library of brushes that will enable you to pick and choose tools according to your art.


Inkscape is entirely free and open-source; one can use this app for vector drawing on your windows ten laptop. Like procreate, you can get pro tools in Inkscape like flyout, anchor, and smart navigation. The app is quite advanced and comes with all the features you need to develop complex logos, icons, and arts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Procreate

Q- Is there something like procreate?

Yes, Autodesk sketchbook, adobe illustrator, and Corel painter are some of the best procreate alternatives for windows 10.

Q- What is equivalent to procreate?

If you are looking for an alternative equivalent to it, you must go for Krita or Autodesk sketchbook.

Q- Is procreate better than sketchbook?

Procreate can offer more advantages and features than a sketchbook since procreate takes advantage of the iPad’s Pro-motion display.

Q- Is procreate free on the computer?

No, it is not free on the computer because it is not available on Mac or windows.


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