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Unlimited Wifi Plans – Who Needs It and Who Doesn’t

When NBN rolled-out in Australia, consumers were able to experience better, faster, stronger, and more stable internet connections, thanks to the fibre technology that NBN is using.  Internet service providers or ISPs are now giving more broadband plan options to the public, and in most cases, you will see a lot of “Unlimited Wifi Plans” being offered.  But is this really necessary?  Do you really need to spend so much for an unlimited wifi subscription?

Here are top reasons to subscribe to unlimited internet


Work-from-home is now very common, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a lot of companies encouraged their employees to stay and work at home for safety reasons.  With this, employees are using a lot of online collaboration tools, such as Zoom, Slack, and emails. These would require a stable internet connection to ensure productivity and avoid disruption of work.  You would not want your internet to fluctuate in the middle of a very important video conference or meeting, especially with a client.


Streaming is the future of television.  Gone were the days when we used to fight over the remote in order to watch our favourite shows on cable.  Now, we can stream movies, series, and anything we want anytime, using our phones, tablets or smart televisions.

Streaming consumes a lot of bandwidth, and if you don’t have unlimited plans, you might end up waiting until the next month to continue streaming.  With unlimited plans, you can binge-watch your favourite shows to your heart’s content.


If you are a gamer, then you will need an unlimited internet.  This would require speed and stability, otherwise, your game might lag or drop out without warning. With unlimited internet, your games are up-to-date, and you can just focus on winning your game and let your internet do the rest.

Multiple Users

When there are more people in your home using the internet for different reasons, chances are, you are all sharing the same internet connection.  Imagine putting everything together – work-from-home, streaming, and gaming; all at the same time.  Sharing a limited amount of internet will definitely affect your productivity.

Now, you can be doing one or two of these, and think, I might need an unlimited internet after all.  But before jumping into that conclusion, you have to seriously consider your actual usage and your budget.  Remember, the internet is not free.

The higher the plan, the bigger the amount you have to pay.  You might be paying too much for something that you don’t actually need.  So

Here are some of the reasons why an unlimited wifi plan is not necessary

You won’t stay for long in your place.

You might only be in the neighbourhood for some temporary assignment.  Maybe you just thought of wanting to stay with your sister for the holidays, or perhaps, some alone time for a month.

Whatever your reason, if you don’t plan on staying that long, it is very impractical to subscribe to unlimited wifi.  It is usually at least a month-long subscription and you can’t get a refund or pay a partial amount if you can’t consume it.

You are often out of the house.

If you travel a lot, or if you work all day in the office, come home at dinner time and start using the internet during resting hours, you might not need unlimited wifi after all.  Your usage is not that much that would require you to subscribe to unlimited plans.

You are not a heavy user.

Some people are content with light internet use, such as social media and internet browsing.  These won’t require too much and unlimited wifi plans are not even necessary.

Some people may need unlimited wifi more than others.  As a consumer, it is important to make smart choices to avoid unnecessary expenses.  Take time to go over every option available in the market so you can choose the right one for you.

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