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TV Shows and Documentaries – Every Health Conscious Person Will Appreciate

With the sedentary lifestyle we all lead, staying healthy is a difficult task. It’s not just turning into a couch potato that frightens health conscious people but also becoming averse to exercise and giving into the 9 to 5 desk job with little to no workout that is also as much of a concern. And, with the media prompting you to buy unhealthy meals by offering you a great deal among other things, it just seems easier to let go. So, how do you fight it all? Well, you can start by surrounding yourself with good content. Here are some shows and documentaries that will help you stay on track to a healthy way of life.

Sweat Inc. 

Reality TV is the way to go for shows on health. As 27 people fight to prove their exercise program is the best one out there, you get to see exactly what options you have and gain a realistic expectations on what you can achieve. What’s more, you even learn the pros and cons of each of the programs they support. With a $100,000 on the line, people bring their best to the show and with fitness superstar Jullian Michaels hosting know they’ll be asked pertinent questions.

The Biggest Loser 

One of the most common health issues people face in USA is obesity. It is the gateway to other diseases and severely impacts one’s quality of life. Any health conscious person knows what the harm indulging in excesses brings and is sure to strive for a balanced meal as needed. With this show you get an insight into the unhealthy eating habits that you too might have and learn a little about nutrition. If you too are struggling with losing fat, this can prove helpful for sure. What’s more, it sends a message of hope that everyone can appreciate.

Good Eats 

A big part of a healthy lifestyle is the food you consume. You do that right and you’re sure to remain active and young despite getting older. Sure, nutrition is one aspect essential towards you securing a healthy diet but there is more to that. With Good Eats you get to see how food is made and the techniques used. You get to explore the science behind it and knowing that, you’ll be able to prepare your loved dishes in a healthy way. You’ll be able to take the advantage of cooking equipment and turn the whole process into something that adds to your life.


While there are a lot of medical shows out there just as entertaining, it is scrubs that has made it to the list. The show has dramatic storylines that tell you about Michael Dorian’s life so, it’s engaging. But, the thing that makes it worthwhile is the medical accuracy and how close it comes in showing you the early-career experience in the medical field. You’ll definitely have a lot to learn from this one as you come across a new case. The best part though is the comedy element that keeps it all light hearted and makes you laugh.

These are some of the best shows on health that you’ll find. However, given that they’re more angled to entertain, it doesn’t offer too much informational content. If you’d prefer some hardcore material you might want to check out the following documentaries.


This documentary delves into how the food we eat is grown, manufactured and ultimately sold. Through this exercise it outlines how the method is unsustainable. It tells you where your food is coming from so you can make better consumption choices.

The Game Changers 

There is a misconception perpetuated to the masses that vegetarians can’t build muscle. You may believe in this idea but this is one idea that is not supported by science. The only reason you think this way though is because the meat industry wants you to. This documentary though busts this myth and shows you by example that muscles are not only limited to meat eaters.

Take Your Pills 

You’d think that the medicines prescribed by your doctor would be carefully thought out with your wellness being the aim behind it all. This documentary however, shows you how over prescribed stimulant medication is. With so many children and adults being told to consume Ritalin and Adderall regularly, one has to wonder what’s up and this film shows you exactly that.

Final Words

These shows will help you de-clutter your mind from all the garbage content TV offers in multitudes so you might want to get started ASAP. And, all you need to get on the track to a better you is a good cable TV plan. Spectrum TV Select offers a great channel lineup and a huge on demand library, which means you’ll be able to find all the shows you need and watch to your heart’s content.

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