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Gifts That Declare ‘I Am Sorry’ To the Ladies

At one point in our lives, we disagree with someone. Sometimes that disagreement can escalate and get out of hand. At which point, you would probably want to apologize. This is why we wanted to suggest some ‘i am sorry’ gifts for the ladies on behalf of all the men. We came up with these gift ideas to provide suggestions that would get your apology across. Keep in mind that when you are apologizing, that does not mean that you are essentially wrong. All that it means is that you recognize that you were at fault. Maybe you let the conversation get out of hand, or possibly you got angry. Whatever the reason be, your apology will be heard loud and clear as we have got some great gift suggestions for you.


 One of the sweetest ways to declare how sorry you are is by sending your beloved a spectacular “I am sorry” photo cake. Whether you are selecting a themed cake, or a cake with her favorite flavor, sending a sweet dessert to your girlfriend at midnight is reassuring. Such an apology will be accepted and adored by your lady. Have an online cake delivery in Patna and get the chance to send her a compilation of muffins, jar cakes, and other desserts you know for certain are her favorites. Adding a quirky and highly apologetic message in a card along with the cake will work highly to your advantage.

You can choose traditional cakes such as chocolate, vanilla, black forest, or a more contemporary version such as Nutella, oreo, or even pinata.


 One of the most traditional gift ideas for an apology is flowers. There actually is no particular flower that conveys how sorry you are. The only flower that we could recommend is hyacinth which means sincerity.

Since flowers are typically sent as apology gifts, the chances are that you will not need a particular flower to do the deed. The chances are that as soon as your flowers show up, you will be forgiven and awarded a sweet brownie point!

One of the reasons why flowers are highly recommended as an apology giver is that it also allows you to send a card along with it. In the card, we would recommend writing some heart-filled apology. That way, the recipient will know that you are serious about your apology.

It is best to send a floral bunch to impress the lady. You could also consider giving your dearest these following flower arrangements:

Roses & lilies

Assorted tulips

Orchids and lilies

Gift baskets

 Gift baskets or, in your case, apology baskets are creative, thoughtful, and simply heartwarming. You may want to pass them off as a ridiculous gift item for an apology. Many people had done so. However, we have realized that they actually would make a great gift. Think about it! Cookies, flowers, ribbons, muffins, chocolates, and a soft toy with the words “I am sorry” written on it – the perfect recipe to impress your girl! You can also send a card with your gift basket. Add a section of a poem or write a message from your heart. You can fill the baskets full of goodies your girl would like or is fond of.

Gift baskets can be made with an assortment of various items or similarly themed items such as a compilation of chocolates, wine or champagne, and cheese, or a bath set with soft towels, bath oils, and aromatherapy candles.


As we mentioned above, using your own words to apologize is extremely important. It lets your girlfriend or wife know that you are sincere about your apology. Of course, writing a letter is the most recommended errand. And, it does not have to be a letter in particular. Anything from a self-composed poem to a love verse copied from an old novel or even the famous love letters expressing desire and longingness will be very popular alternatives to a lengthy letter.

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