15 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For PC and Android 2021

Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator: Everything comes to an end, be it your movie nights with friends or family dinners at favorite restaurants. It’s better to be prepared for every situation with innovative ideas and creative setups. If talked about some recent scenarios that bought us to the most difficult days and experience, the pandemic gets the highest votes. How to deal with all the stress when all you have is your bed and cell phone with you? Well, different problems have different solutions. Not to mention, boredom tops the list in recent days.  Some of them had televisions and some had novels, what about our classic games that kept us busy and made sure that we miss our homework and food. Lives were so simple back then, right?

Don’t scream if you come across some of those games still! The Nintendo games are still alive and working perfectly with the 3Ds emulators. Apart from all the modern affairs and advanced features, technology really took our fun for real and made the latest phones accessible for the Nintendo games.

Did you know about the necessary emulators for the games to work? We saw Mario fighting with the dragons and got satisfied with our win. But today, when the games are still intact, we need to know how they work and what kind of emulators and software make it work so perfectly even after a whole decade?

Here is some important information you might be interested in:

Top 15 working Nintendo 3Ds emulator for PC and Android 

Starting with some general information, let’s talk about the emulators. Emulators can be software or hardware that makes a system work according to another system. It helps in changing the behavior of the host system and the guest system. The emulators are basically the source between the graphic system and the device. They help the graphic system to work on the devices like PC or Android.

With the growth in technology, all you need to be worried about is protecting your eyes from playing excessively. Almost everyone today owns a smartphone that has amazing games installed in it. Playing them to pass your time would be worth your buy.

The best working 3Ds emulator for android 

DraStic DS Emulator

Making your games easier to play and enhancing the graphics of the game, DraStic DS Emulator is signed up as the best emulator for the Nintendo games. The emulator makes your game all the more interesting and also helps you with the stuck stages. This 3Ds emulator is known to be the best software for android phones.


The emulator works fine on the advance android phones and thus is most favorite one. Phones with high RAM and memory supports the emulator amazingly thus giving better graphic system in the game. The emulator is free to use and therefore can be used for downloading any file.

Ultimate x3DSx gold

This emulator is one finest and most used one. It allows you to download the Nintendo games and play them without any interruption. The emulator works on almost all the games in your phone and allows you to use Gyroscope, solar sensor and tilt. Also, the emulator is available for free and could be used on any advance device.


This emulator is one with open access and that gives the players to experience the game from closest parameters. The emulator can be downloaded from Play Store or AKS, whichever you feel comfortable with.


One easy to get 3D emulator for android phones is MegaN64. It is an amazingly working emulator that works when you place or shift your game files in your SD card. The emulator is one modified one amongst the others and therefore works for a greater good. Also, it is known to be an enhanced form of an open project named Mupen64.


Do you want to know what brilliant features this emulator brings in? Pretendo helps you download the files and games from ROM files in the .ds and .rom formats. The emulator makes the game a real experience for you as it has virtual control. What better than enjoying your favorite games in your free time!


This emulator is probably the new one in the market and is controlling it with an excellent bunch of benefits. It is an all-in-one emulator for your favorite Nintendo games.

The best Working Nintendo 3Ds emulator for PC 


Named as the engine of games and media player, this emulator performs wonders for your Nintendo games. It is available for free and cracks all the needs while playing your favorite games. The emulator is highly compatible with systems like PlayStation, SNES and more. It is a complete package of all features and customized settings.


One most user-friendly application to help you with the Nintendo games is Citra. This emulator is compatible with Linux, Mac and even windows. Using Citra on your PC gives you a smooth ride while playing your favorite game.


It is same like NDS4drioid. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and the like. Available as an open source, it works smoothly.


One thing that makes it special is that it works with 32-bit architecture, which is generally not found in most of the emulators. The developers try to keep it bug free. Also, in addition to a 3DS Nintendo emulator, it is free of cost. It offers to access games with no extra charges. The emulator will help you play games on PC with any problems.


A compatible emulator placed among the best ones.


With the previous versions free, you have to pay every time the latest version drops but it will be worth it. For people who have played games like Pokémon on Nintendo, it will be a great experience for them to play that on PC as well.

R4 3DS Emulator

It is the most loved emulator till date because of the ease that it provides and not to mention, it is free of cost as well. You just need to locate the game file and you are good to roll. A must-try experience is recommended.

iDeas Emulator

If you are a die-hard fan of games like Super Mario and Pokémon, this is going to be the best emulator you will come across. Its name is always included when we talk about top Nintendo emulators for PC. With every release, its compatibility rate is enhanced.

You have a list of top 15 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds emulators for PC and Android. Learn more about them and be aware of what all areas have importance.

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