Roach Chow for Dubia Roach Colony? All You Need to Know

Dubia roaches are one of the best live foods for your reptile pets. They can quickly provide your pet with proper nutrition and also satiates their predatory nature. But, if you want your pet to get the best food, breeding dubia roaches is the best idea. It is an affordable option than buying the insects from pet shops and also allows you to get a constant supply of food for your pet.

Your pet receives nutrition through dubia roaches. Hence, you need to keep the insects healthy so that your pet gets a full meal. So, if you are thinking about how to breed dubia roaches, you need to read this article.

Roach Chow is one of the most natural food options for dubia roaches. It is a unique formula for the insects, and you can use the chow in dry or wet formation.

In general, roach chow is great for dubia roaches and offers them a lot of nutrition. But, you need to follow the proper instructions if you want to feed them roach chow in the right way. In this article, you will find all tips regarding how to include that particular food item for the dubia roaches.

Start with a minimum.

Start with a minimum.

The first thing is to start by a small portion and check if the roaches like that particular brand or not. If you are feeding them chow for the first time, start with once per week and then gradually increase the days in number.

It is better to provide the insects with a healthy dose of their regular diet before serving them roach chow. You can either mix it with water to make a paste to help it dry alongside a bowl of water in the container. Please make sure to use a shallow dish to serve the chow. It will keep the mess to a minimum, and you will be able to clean up everything without much hassle.

Check the condition of the enclosure.

Check the condition of the enclosure.

It is better to check the condition and environment of the enclosure before you are feeding the roaches with chow. You need to eliminate any chance of mold catching the chow because molds can be fatal for the entire colony.

Gradually increase the amount of food.

Gradually increase the amount of food

The best way is to start with a regularly mount and then increase it day by day. You need to figure out how much roach chow you should provide to the colony. If you provide less food, the settlement will not thrive. Insects will die and become cannibalistic. On the other hand, extra food means wastage of food, and spoiled food can increase the chance of mites and molds. It can also damage a colony. So, you have to be clear about it.

Roaches do like decaying food. But, moldy food or rotten food is rotting food. So, you need to have a balance in between.

Use a mixture of food and chow to provide, better nutrition.

Roach chow

Roach Chow is an excellent source of food for the insects. But, it only may not be enough for them. So, you need to find a balance between conventional food like fruits or vegetables and the roach chow.

If you are willing enough, you can experiment with the roach chow so that it becomes a fulfilling source of food for the colony.

The easiest way is to provide them with a mixture of chow and fruits or vegetables. For example, you can make a paste of the roach chow and add some chopped or grated vegetables in that mixture. Or, you can add some plants in the dry roach chow. In this case, overripe bananas and apples are best. Because the dubia roaches like the sweet food and they love overripe sugary foods.

Roach Chow is the most basic form of food option for the dubia roaches. It is nutritious, but only roach chow is not enough/So, you need to offer the cockroaches a good source of water along with some vegetables to make the colony thrive. It is better to keep a balance for the health of those feeder insects.

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