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KissCartoon Alternatives – 100% Working Mirror Sites for 2024

Are you finding KissCartoon Alternatives websites to watch Anime? we are here to explore various working websites like KissCartoon.

Watching Anime is like reliving our childhood memories for some of us. We as kids used to come home from school as early as possible to watch our favorite anime and cartoons. Anime was the popular choice of Kids who were born before 2000.

They used to wait for the shows to be telecasted after their airing in Japan. It used to take days for it to come since it also had to be translated. Today if you desire to watch an episode of Dragon Ball Z or Naruto all you gotta do is flip the remote of your internet connected tv and boom you are good to go. In the U.S. most animes are classified as a niche form of entertainment, especially for adults.

But back in those days tv and vhs were the only means to watch anime. Today there are a lot of good and reliable websites where you can watch all anime shows for free.

KissCartoon is one such website. It was an extremely popular website and attracted millions of users monthly, however due to some unfortunate incident with DMCA they had to shut down.

When KissCartoon shut down, millions of anime fans across the globe were devastated and shocked, such was the impact. However fans quickly resorted to watching anime/cartoons on torrent websites, these websites are often responsible for inputting viruses on a user’s computer.

Also using torrents is banned in some countries. To overcome all these problems today we are here to explore various working alternatives to KissCartoon. Let us begin

Best KissCartoon Alternatives – Websites Like KissCartoon


KissAnime is actually a duplicate sister website of the original KissCartoon, which is why the interface might look a lot similar. The original Russian website ( had to be taken offline due to issues with the legal authority a year ago.

But now several alternative domain names for KissAnime have been registered and accessible by many users too. These websites are what are called mirror or proxy websites, so a VPN might be required for people accessing these websites in certain countries. Old users of KissCartoon will find the user interface quite easy to maneuver.

It has a vast library of collections and very simple navigation. You do not need any email or credit card to watch anime shows or cartoons. Further, you also need not do a basic sign-up registration for watching. Here are some of its alternative working links-,,


This is a website that is the best alternative to KissCartoon. They have a vast collection of different anime/ cartoons which is suitable for people of all ages. They also have an ad-free option, where members who pay a certain subscription fee can watch ad-free. Also, the website updates its anime/content very quickly. Most of the shows are updated within an hour of their airing.

The website is divided into various sections like latest anime news, soon-to-be-released episodes, feature shows, Crunchyroll news and contests, and lastly simulcasts. It is not VPN friendly, but with a VPN split tunnel, you can use it. On a quick side note, do you need a tool to shorten amazon URLs, then try this awesome amazon link shortener today.


This is also a popular website for watching anime or cartoons online. They get over 7,00,000 monthly visitors and are also VPN friendly. The user interface of the website was intentionally made simplistic so that people regardless of their age can easily navigate their website. You can easily find your favorite anime show or cartoons with just a simple yet powerful search button.

The original domain ( had to be taken offline a few years ago due to issues on the site developer side, but now several mirror websites have popped up. You can watch anime (Dubbed), cartoon movies, anime series, and many more. Try this alternative link if not working-


This is yet another website that is quite similar to KissCartoon and also has similar anime shows and cartoon films. They have a good reputation for uploading anime tv shows right after their airing in Japan. They are pretty consistent about that. So if you were looking to watch your shows just right after they aired, then AnimeToon might be a good option for you.

Also available are Dubbed Anime, Cartoon series, and more. The website is also easy to use and attracts more than 8,00,000 monthly unique visitors. They are also VPN-friendly. Here is an alternative link if your one does not work-


This website is an anime lover’s paradise for they have a vast collection of over thousands of popular shows in the anime, manga, and cartoon category. Without even creating an account you can watch full-length movies, cartoons, dubbed anime, daily episodes, read manga, and more.

If you are on the lookout for a website that uploads anime shows as soon as they are aired in Japan then this website can be ideal for you. Like AnimeToon they also update their website with the latest shows as soon as they air in Japan. And like most of the other websites, they too do not need any user to sign up and additionally are also VPN friendly.

Watch Series

Anime lovers and enthusiasts know this website for a long time and they are loved by the community too. They have no fuss and directly approach the user interface which has two benefits. One, you can instantly start watching your favorite anime shows and cartoons, and two, people of all ages can easily navigate their website.

Such as they are the only ones in today’s list who provide users the option of watching shows other than anime and cartoon categories. They do not make any choice on what to put on the website and whatnot, instead, they have given the option to the users. They have shown in the category of drama, series, contact, anime, cartoon movies, and many more. However, you do need an account to watch their shows.

The link to this website is this This is a very popular working alternative to KissCartoon. You will never get bored of the anime shows available for they are refreshed every day and there are literally tons of shows to watch here. Some of  the popular ones are The Simpsons’, Justice League, Haikyuu, etc.

Also the user interface is spot on. People of all ages can easily navigate the website and start watching their favorite anime and cartoon show. The website has an in-built video player and they support a wide variety of devices.

Cartoon Extra

The link to the website is this- This is also a good website to watch anime and cartoons of all genres and it might even surprise you sometimes; for they have such a vast collection of anime and cartoons. Few of the popular cartoons available on this website are Dora and her adventures, Sponge bob square pants, loony toons, etc.

The user interface was made keeping in mind younger audiences, so not only is it easy to navigate but also colorful to look at too. As soon as you enter the website, a strange nostalgic feeling will hit your nerves, as these were the cartoons most of us grew up watching.


The link to the website is It has a nice simple layout which is easily navigable by anyone; regardless of their age. Keeping in mind its target audience KimCartoon has a vast selection of anime and cartoon shows. The collection is so vast that you might spend hours before you reach the end of your feed.

However, to keep the shows free, there is an advertisement wall. Pop up adverts are the biggest negative highlight of this website and users get frequently annoyed when it comes up especially during browsing for our favorite show. The user interface of this website is easy and manageable too and they also have an in-built video player for added convenience.

The link to the website is this-www:// If you are looking forward to watching some good old cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and Scooby-Doo, then this website is for you. They have a good collection of some truly amazing anime and cartoons and you will never get bored of it. The user interface is very simple to use and it also has an in-built video player for added convenience. Also this website is accessible from any type of device like mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.


Here is the working link to its website- This is an awesome website for anime power users. This website has been created for those who live and breathe anime and cartoon shows.

All the show categories are updated daily and they are well categorized too. It is available to access on any kind of device regardless of location, but for the best possible experience use a smart tv browser or a laptop. High-definition videos are also available here.


The link to this website is here- It is a very popular anime and cartoon streaming website. People in the community absolutely love streaming on it for it is full of high quality videos. The dubbed anime section is so vast that it will take you almost a day to go through all the shows at least once.

This website also hosts some popular Japanese Manga comics too, if you are into those. Like all the above websites this too works on every kind of device regardless of their location and size and this too has an in-built video player.


The link to the website is this- This is an exciting website to watch cartoons on. The user interface is very good and also it has some good quality high-definition cartoon shows to choose from. Some of the popular shows are Ice Age, Baby Looney Toons, Justice League, among others.

You can relax all day long by just browsing through its vast library of shows and yet never get bored. The website is compatible with devices of all sizes and so this makes it an ideal companion for those long weekend trips where you have pretty much nothing to do except sit behind in the car seat.

There are a lot of free anime and cartoon shows to watch here and the list gets updated daily, so in the sense there is so much content to watch here that the only problem you will have is that you don’t have enough time in a day. This website too, like all of the above websites, has an in-built video player. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices like tablets, ipads, smart televisions, etc. Most of the shows are available to watch in High-Definition too.


This is an website which boasts of an excellent collection of old anime shows from the late 1990s. It has all the best of classical cartoons like Scooby-Doo, Batman,etc. If you are searching for classical cartoons then this website is where your search ends. All the shows are of high quality and are accessible on any kind of device regardless of their location.


The link to this website is this- All your favorite cartoons like Ben10, Looney Tunes, Leo Star Wars, etc are available to watch for free on this website. The shows are of high quality and there is a separate dubbed anime section too.

The user interface is very good and easily navigable for people of all ages. This website too has an in-built video player which is accessible by anyone on any of their Internet enabled devices. However users might get annoyed by the repetitive nature of the various Pop-up Advertisements which come.

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