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50 Hidden Google Easter Eggs You Should See

The article will list 50 hidden Google Easter Eggs and swipe down to get their information.

If you’ve been using the Internet for the last twenty years, you must know what exactly “Google” is. It is one of the most popular search engines that help you search for the information you need. It might be possible that you noticed that how this search engine is changing to signify the occasion. But you know that some of the secret search quires provide you with some strange or cool results? Well! These secrete quires are the Google Easter Eggs, which the company has strewed across its platform. The article will list 50 hidden Google Easter Eggs and swipe down to get their information.

Hidden Google’s Easter Eggs

In this guidepost, we tried our best to write about all the Google’s Easter eggs available. All you need to do now is swipe down the page and read the available information regarding the Google’s Easter eggs.

The Answer to Life, the Universe & Everything

This one is considered the most popular Google search easter egg, particularly for those who love to read “Hitchhiker’s Guide” to the Galaxy by Dough Adams. A book in which he wrote about “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is 42”. Most of his fans tried to break the secret meaning of the number. But the author said that the answer is straightforward, which is it was just a joke. It had to be the number that can be ordinary or smallish, which is why I chose that number.

The Dinosaur Game

If you are surfing the Internet all the time, it might be possible that you are familiar with this fantastic feature. If you decide to shut your internet connections and you are offline & want to pass your time. For that, you are required to press the space bar from your keyboard while you’re at the offline mode. After pressing the space button, you can start playing the offline dinosaur game, which is more captivating than it deserves.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is another famous Google’s Easter Egg. When you search “google gravity” and open the first result displayed on the search engine result pages, you will experience the magic. You will see that gravity activates, and everything at Google home will drop to the ground. You have the facility to hold the doodle and start using it to cause chaos and throw the things around it. You can also use this feature to search for anything.

Guitar by Google

If you want to impress your friends and family with a simple trick, this feature will help you. Search the keyword “Google Guitar” and open the very first link displayed on the SERP. The page you just opened will display a modified google homepage onto guitar along with the four-string. Each string of it has a different sound.

Google Sphere

This feature aims to change your search engine home page with a simple & easy search for the google sphere & to tap the first search result. Just then, everything will start rotating,just like our earth that is circulating around the sun.


Anagram is one of the most commonly used Google Easter Egg, and most people are unaware of it. When we search for a query on Google, it will show the relevant result. But on the top of the search result, a text is displayed, “did you mean”.

Super Mario Bros

All you need to trigger this easter eggis to type Super Mario Brothers into the Googles search box. The search results will display a glittering coin block in the knowledge panel. You can click on the count, start earning the points and be rewarded with the delightful super Mario brothers coin sound.


Another commonly used easter egg, but the searchers are unaware of this feature, just like the Anagram. The procedure to use this feature is very easy & simple, type “askew” at the search box. You will then be directed to the results, in which you will see the meaning of the word that you entered into the search box and some general information.

FRIENDS Easter Egg

If you’re a fan of a popular series named FRIENDS, you will be surprised to know that the Google Search Engine is also a fan of it.


When you do a search for Joey Tribbiani at Google, it will show you his page. He was played a popular character in the friends series. Under his name, you will see the icon of pizza. When you hit that icon, you will hear a sound that joey doesn’t share food along with the animated man’s arm collecting food displayed at the center.

Chandler Bing

He also played a very interesting role in the series. When searching out his name at Google, it will open his page. Under his name, an icon appears of his iconic brown recliner in the show. After pressing the icon, the duck & goose come out from that icon and start walking across your screen.

Monica Geller

When you search her name under her name, you will see an icon washing bucket. Similar to the other easter egg, this one is also dedicated to the friends tv series. By pressing the icon displayed on the knowledge graph, you will see that a sponge will appear on the screen and clean Monica’s name. After that, it will turn into a font in light greyish color rather than black.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green is also a part of the amazing television series, and Google also gives tribute to her in the form of her Easter egg. Beneath her name, an icon will appear, showing her iconic hairstyle. By clicking the icon, it will take you to her images section and display the countless photos of her and her hairstyle.

Ross Geller

Ross Geller is one of the main fictional characters of the globally famous sitcom FRIENDS. When you search his name on Google, then the search engine will direct you to his page. Under his name, you will see a picture of the sofa. By clicking on it, your screen will start moving in different directions. When you click the sofa for 4th time, it will turn your screen into its original position.


Pacman is a game that we used to play when we were kids. Google also tributes this game and turns it into a Google Easter Egg, which also lodged in the hearts of millions of users of Google. When you search it out for its name, the search engine will offer an option to play the game so that you can enjoy nostalgic memories.

Tic tac toe

If you want to pass your time, then what’s better than Tic Tac Toe. You might remember that our assignment registers are filled with scribbles of tic tac toe back in our school days. On the first page for its name search on Google, this game displays that you can play.


Minesweeper is another easter egg on our list, a game we had no clue how to play when we were too young. There are some people who still don’tknow how to play this. If you want to play this game, search it on goole, and the minesweeper game will appear on your screen.


If I say most people are unaware of this game, then it will be totally wrong. No doubt, we all are familiar with this game. You just need to search for its name & start the game to pass your free time.


No doubt, this one is also a very common but popular game that we play at every stage of our lives. The game was commonly found on mobile phones, and this is why google tributes this game by its ester egg. On the top of the first of first search page, you will see this game and start playing it.

Fidget Spinner

About three to four years back, this toy was in huge demand. Remember that you also purchased this toy because everyone around did too. You can start spinning it again by searching for “fidget spinner” in Google.

Green Hill Zone

There is no doubtthat everyone loves sonic, and all the OG knows what gree hill zone is. The game that Google shows on its first page is the first level of the game original sonic gamethat we used to play in our school days.  When you search the name,  hit the icon under its name. The icon of the game starts moving when you click it.


Just like the other games we listed above, you can start playing the game by searching Sudoku on the search engine. The google search engines allow you to choose the level of difficulty as per your desire. It is not exactly the Google easter egg, but we mentioned it here for the knowledge.

The Google Logos

Last but not least, the logos of google itself are considered the Google easter eggs because the logo that the search engines change has different animations. All of the Google logos are associated with a particular reason. The reasons for it might be the birthday of famous personalities, death anniversaries, international festivals, etc.

Final Words

In this article, we have focused on mentioning the most commonly used Google Easter eggs. We hope that you enjoyed reading this post.

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