How Do You Fix Com.dti.folderlauncher Issues?

There is a system application in the name of COM.DTI.Folderlauncher in Android phones. It helps to sort the folders and arrange them based on the preferences of the users. The app allows the user to access all the important files fast. But sometimes, the app becomes corrupted, or there is a virus attack. So it crashes or even freezes the phone. If you witness the same, many ways will help you solve the problem.

What do you mean by COM.DTI.Folderlauncher?

It is an app that one can call a folder launch, which is a pre-installed app for Android phones. One can easily organize the device folders and access them systematically and easily. The app always comes with a package name like Games or Game Hub. In Samsung devices, the user will find the app easily because it is the company that develops the app, and it is like a launcher related to games, and with the use of that, you can search for different launch games.

As soon as you click on the app there, you can find different folders listed on the device. On the folder, you can tap, open, and then view all the contents. Maintaining all the folders in your phone sorted is an easy strategy. The user can leverage several applications at one go because it is effectively available. In this particular app, there are different other features, and you can create the best shortcuts for the different apps, and then the user can search for item search fast.

But, facing the problem will not give any solution; rather, it will become confusing for the issue. Sometimes the user does not know that these folders exist. Also, there are different ways to rectify these issues with a particular app.

Fix the issues with COM.DTI.Folderlauncher App

Restart the phone

you can first restart the phone, and the Android phone will encounter a different problem. So, this is the process to follow:

  • Click on the power switch
  • Then wait for some time, and then you will find the power option
  • Click on reboot, and then you can see the phone power menu
  • Then Restart

Clear the cached app

There is another tactic to solve this issue to learn the ache. It will reset the entire app, and you will get the phone in clearing mode. The temporary data is stored in the app cachet that the application utilizes and runs so that it will clear and even help fix the issues easily. If you do not clear the cached app, then the app will run slowly, and it can have compatibility issues. When the cache of the phone comes all together with the data, then the phone becomes slow. So, it is important that the user must clear the cache at regular intervals so it will run smoothly. Here are the steps for you to follow:

  • Open the app setting
  • Tap on the apps and the incoming notifications
  • Choose the Com.Dti.Folderlauncher
  • Now click on the cache and storage
  • Then click on the clear cache

The procedure will vary and depends on the model of the phone, but it usually remains the same. Then you have to be on search for the cache and storage menu in the app’s settings, and the user needs to clean up the cache.

Background app removal process

If there are any background apps, then you need to remove them so that one can sort the app that is probably running at the back of the phone. The background apps will take the phone features, which makes the application run slowly compared to the usual process.

The apps are stored in the RAM, and it even consumes the life of the phone battery, so removing all the apps based on RAM is better. If you want to do so, you must close the app and slide the screen to switch it off. Following are the steps for you to remove the apps from the background:

  • Go to the setting option on the phone
  • Then click on the battery and then select the usage of the battery
  • Then you can tap on the option of “All Apps.”
  • When you notice applications, you can click on them and stop running all the background apps.

If you check that the background apps are all removed, you start running the app, now it will run smoothly and fun. You can see that the Android phone runs fast.

Apps need force stop

You can click the force-stopping option to ensure the app stops running. Now, this is another way to sort the issue with the app, and even you do not fix it until you follow the process. These are the following steps, and you need to stop the app forcibly:

  • Now, you can go to the settings
  • Then tap on the notification and apps
  • Then choose the app
  • Click on the menu of Force stop
  • Then select Yes so as to confirm

When the user selects the force stop in a good way, then it will restrict the app so that they do not run. At times, force-stopping the app can crash app, and it will be inaccessible. It even messes with the data of the app, and hence you can leverage this as the last option.

Update Firmware

Firmware refers to specific software. It manages the software and hardware of the device. Suppose there is any issue with app, getting into the firmware software update is necessary.

When the user needs to update the firmware properly, make sure that the update is not a failure because it can affect the device. It is a fast procedure, and an individual can conduct it with simplicity. First, connect the phone to the Internet connection, I.e., Cellular data and WiFi. Then, open settings, choose the system updates, and go to option that will check updates. If there is any available update, you need to follow the instructions on-screen, and then you need to download it with the same. After completing it, the user has the right to use the app. At times, the app does not work because the firmware is outdated. After you update the firmware, then the app will work smoothly.

Uninstall and then reinstall the entire app- first, you can go to the option of uninstall and then choose the option to reinstall the app, and this way, you can fix the same. It will help to reset the entire app in its original form, and it can fix the issue that one has. Uninstallation also means that you are removing any customization in the app. Therefore, it is necessary to keep back up on the essential information before it does everything on point. Once you backed the information, remove the application by following the under-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the settings of the app
  • Then choose in your folder “collection of applications”
  • Then select the app
  • Finally, tap on the uninstall button.

After the app is removed from the installed option, one can again download it. It makes the work easy and reliable. You can follow the step that will give you better results in the practice field.

Reset the phone forcefully

When you’re face issues with the app, then it is time to reset it. If you reset the phone to the factory setting, all the data will be deleted. Hence, you must have a backup of everything, like photos and even documents, to make it useful and reliable. The phone customization, like the home screen, and lock screen, can also have a reset. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the app setting
  • Choose reset and backup
  • Select the reset of factory data
  • Then select reset
  • Then answer and confirm when they want you to get the confirmation.

Once it is finished, then you can fix the phone with that app. It should work smoothly and give you all the better results. Usually, one can contact customer service, connect with chatbots, and help with simple solution. If the support does not help you, then it is better that you connect with the representative of the customer support, and you will get all the detailed assistance.

You will find a customer support contact number on the phone, and then you can find online, or even you can get the number in the manual that will come to the phone. You need to connect with the phone network and resolve all the issues as well. It will show the phone’s network, and click on setting to tap into the About Phone. It would display to you the hardware and phone’s model.

Is installing the app safe?

It is an app that manages the app pretty well with all the organization of the folders and files. It is the safest app to download and doesn’t need any permission to access the data. The app will regularly update with a fix of bugs and even with security patches, and you can rest assured that it is always secure. It is not a harmful app; you can easily manage everything under one roof. The app’s main goal is to save time and make it more productive. This app is not hartmful, and will not harm the phone. If you are more concerned with the phone’s safety, it is always better to update the firmware and use the various platforms associated with testing of apps. From any unknown sources, you should not install the app.

What permission is needed?

App permissions will help you grant the application to start with installation. The permission will be for the app to use many features and even the data on the phone. However, the app will need only the basic permissions, including device, storage, and your place of residence. It doesn’t need any different permissions, and there is no need for 3rd-party permission. Also, no one needs the permission of 3rd-party permission which means that the app will not transfer any data with outside companies.

What are the strategies to recognize the application’s package?

The package name is Com.Dti.Folderlauncher app and many people do not know the name; hence it is better to find how to find the name better. Go to play store Google and then look for it. Once you find out, you can click on details and then scroll to discover details about the package. Moreover, you will find the 3rd-party app and even it’s package details.


If you are planning to develop an iPhone app, it is advisable to hire an expert iPhone app developer who can help you create a high-quality app. This app is a great tool to manage all your files in a better way, and if there is any issue, then you can use the various methods to find the best solutions. Hire iPhone app developer will give you better help and understanding of how the app works and how one can overcome the issues to make it work again in a smooth manner so that you do not have to look for any other solutions.

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