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Security Services in Orange County with Tech-based Solutions

The long-running debate over hiring security companies versus technology is now gaining attention everywhere!

The question remains to be- Why not employ both? 

The services of security companies in Orange County can be well combined with detectors, video cameras, service gateways, and specific applications, which would help in yielding better security results. The technology integration helps in detecting threats and serving effectively while deterring risks of loss of assets and lives. Now the security companies can employ technological solutions for assisting manned guarding with enhanced security solutions. The deployment of technology on perimeters and entrance points such as gates, loading docks, and windows is a sure shot blessing for security officers.

Pros of getting futuristic security solutions with technology 

Cost-effective solution

The technological solutions coupled with manned guarding are what all you need to deter security threats. The investment of funds in hiring services of security companies and technology to aid protection gives faster response time in any uncertain situation.

The employees also feel safer while working in such safer environments, in which the security guards are ready to cope up with any given situation. The use of cameras and detectors provides a window to hire less security guards to oversee the functions of one single perimeter, thereby bringing down the overall expenditure.

Accuracy in security solutions

It gives the ability to have better perimeter detection, visual verification, and prevention solutions with alarms to ward off any upcoming threat then and there! With the use of technology, it’s easier for companies to ensure security protection with superior detection and verification features accessible from far-off remote locations.

Ease in patrolling perimeters

The technology has given birth to such amazing solutions that can be leveraged for years! With security app technology, one can quickly get virtual tours of their business and construction sites to augment patrolling in every possible way.

PIR detectors

The response based detectors are used for securing distance of large perimeter in universities and college campuses. This technology offers high precision level performance, with detection reliability for detecting any possible weapon threat. It is capable enough to sense temperatures till distances of 500+ feet. You can search online to explore various models available in PIR detectors. The security companies train their guards with practical usage of alarms that later give them a time frame to take quick action to resolve it.

Ease of identification

Being humans, the security guards may not recognize someone after a haircut or face surgery. It doesn’t even make sense to expect the security guards to be experts in recognizing the owner, clients, and employees every time. This is where the solution to face recognition technology comes to the rescue as it helps communities avoid delays and understanding challenges. Android-based apps are offering technology for security management solutions. These applications have built up existing footprint for online delivery processes and services, thus helping security companies guarding gated communities.

Dummy Camera

Why go for a real camera set up at all points when you can scare the intruders away with dummy cameras! The range of dummy cameras is available at cheaper rates than the full-fledge CCTV set-up. Deployment of dummy cameras is equally effective in deterring troublemakers as the costlier installation would have been! It looks exactly like the real camera and is made up of a similar body and lens material-to give intruders a deceiving effect.

Alarm System

The leading security companies have started deploying alarms to create a Rottweiler effect. The device gives an impact of a barking dog on getting triggered. Its high pitch voice is precisely of a vicious dog that creates a sense of urgency in human brains to take security action. This alarm technology comes with a 360-degree radar detector that makes it the most popular choice for security guards, even sitting the walls apart.

Database Maintenance

The security companies train their manpower with tools of database management. It involves functions such as profile creation with inputs in fields of Name, Address, Contact number, and more! This is equally important for security guards to maintain a log of frequent visitors such as gardeners, domestic help, level-4 workers, employees, and first-time visitors for legal purposes.

How do these applications and technology work 

The verification is conducted with a one-time password facility for visitors. The security guard can easily track the movement of vehicles inside and outside the building. They can keep an eagle eye on domestic helpers, since the moment they enter inside the premises. The database can be used to cross-check the absenteeism of staff members and employees without creating much chaos in the system.

The security solutions with app-based technology can bring efficiency to your system. It eliminates the hefty paperwork and streamlines the workflows for companies. The security guards can check pre-bookings, appointments, and also take feedback from the new visitors.  Every single piece of information for security services is simply a click away with an app-based technological solution.

The software also allows users to arrange in-app calls with managers and owners of the building to get quick answers. This is how you can now save from expenses on intercoms and wireless talkies.

How does it help the security system?

The technological advances have undoubtedly set up a strong foothold in the US security industry. The security companies are arranging in-house training sessions to train personnel with the use of gadgets and applications effectively. But the reality check says- Tech-based solutions are as good as its user!

Let’s say that permissions require taking snapshots or pictures and sending every time to the higher authorities. It may take their focus away from other important tasks. It may leave imprints of inhumanity as the security guards are every time keeping a check on people entering and leaving the building premises.

The hi-tech lifestyle by employing security guards is to stay alert and prevented with futuristic technology solutions.

If you are yearning to earn kudos and secure working perimeter from your clients, now is the time to efficiently bring value-added benefits with security guards working with great apps!

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