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Important reasons: Why Women Need Term Life Insurance?

Gone are those days when women were seen as home-makers that could just manage household chores and other responsibilities. Today, women are educated, independent and their contribution to the family is as significant as that of a man. But, they are still unaware of the significance of insurance in their lives. Women also need to realize the importance of insurance as much as men.

The term insurance for women aims to provide protection and financial security to the family members. What if the ‘woman of the house passes away? Such a plan ensures that your family is financially secure even when you are not around. Plus, under Section 80C, some of the term insurances are tax-free for women.

Why is a term plan essential for women? 

The term plan is a type of life insurance policy that helps you to save money for a particular period. You can receive rewards and maturity benefits from this policy. Women are good with acute investment plans. For them, the term plan is highly suitable. The term plan provides financial support for the working women’s families even after their demise.

If you are a single working woman in the family, then this support is highly essential. The term plans cover the major areas[1]  in any investment plan, including savings, financial protection, and security. Also, as a working woman, you need to explore all the types of saving methods. After a review, you will accept that a term plan is so far the best insurance plan for you to get started with. Let us see some of the benefits of this term insurance for women.

The benefits of the term plans for women 

For payment of debts and expenses

Education can be expensive in some households. If you are a working woman, then education loans can be a burden. Other debts may include medical fees, credit card loans, personal loans, etc. There are also uncertainties in life that can cause a financial burden. After the demise of the working women, the family may be coping with a sorrowful time. The term plan is a way for the family to keep their financial position stable. The term insurance for women can help cover such costs after your demise.

A financial source for all the ambitions

The term insurance is a way to secure your future ambitions. There are not only term plans for life or health but there are plenty of varieties in it. Whether starting up a venture or new business, the term plan is like emergency financial support. Even after the policyholder’s demise, the family can run the venture with the term plan maturity benefits.

For medical emergencies

The lifestyle habits of many are getting worse every day. The food, sleep, and water everything is compromised. Due to this, there is a possibility to develop critical diseases in the future. However, with the term plan, women can take care of their medical expenses. If you choose a suitable insurance rider with a term plan, you receive partial money for your medical expenses.

The excellent tax-saving benefits

Under section 80C, there are a variety of tax benefits for women in the term plan. The premium paid, savings amount and the maturity amount of the term plan are exemptible from tax. The term plans come with savings and tax benefits for working women. Working women are more conservative with their finances than men. Women think about the different ways to save money than spending it. Thus, term plans are the best ways to secure your hard-earned money. It gives you more options.

For a peaceful and stable financial position

Most of the working women worry about the security of the family. If you are a single parent, then the worry is more. You can secure the life of your children by investing in a term plan. It is the best decision to make as an independent woman.

It is a cost-efficient way to save

The term insurance for women is affordable. You can choose the amount of premium you can pay every month. The minimum investment rate is also less that will not create any difficulties in your daily life. The flexibility of the term plan makes it one of the most cost-effective ways to save money.

For growing wealth

The best advantage of opting for a term plan is the wealth you can create with it. Within a short period, it is possible to secure your retirement life. With the term plan, you can fulfill the future goals of your family.


Term insurance is one of the best ways to save, protect and secure your finances. Even the family of the working women benefits from these policies. Today, term insurance has emerged as the best plan for working women to save their income from taxes. Shop around and do your research to make an informed decision.

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